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Do you think I could get my university's anime society disbanded or fined if I made a complaint saying they were showing pirated content at the meetings?
Why would you do that?
Just let them do what they want. You're all adults, aren't you?
Most of those are casual's SAOgloryholes.

Not worth existing.
Probably not.
Unless they are selling that shit, it's not really something the university would need to worry about.
If they got a letter from some big production studio, that would be a problem.
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Doubt it. Why do you want to? I bet they wouldn't even shut down the movie club for pirating AAA movies.
Wow, what a cunt you are.
>If they got a letter from some big production studio, that would be a problem.
Time to write a few letters

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has come to my attention that X University's Anime and Manga Society has been showing your programmes and distributing copies. blah blah blah your intellectual property blah blah blah suggest taking action

Yours faithfully,
Yeah, you'd probably never get a reply for that. Especially considering that most anime is available for free from licensed sites like Crunchyroll.
If you are really willing to put forth that much effort, you either really hate someone or you are a sad little man with problems.
Seriously, nobody cares unless you start distributing for profit.
Just sign it as Gainax
File: DESTROYDAGENSHIKEN.jpg (59.39 KB, 853x480)
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Maybe a spoof Cease and Desist to the club and a letter to the student union pretending to be funimation?
Sad little pathetic cunt.

Just as we'd like for them to leave us alone, it's proper courtesy to leave them the fuck alone. Just let the weebs do what they want. Giving a shit about it and throwing a hissy fit is fucking pathetic. Kill yourself.
>Most of those are casual's SAOgloryholes.
So you want them to come here?
Containment zones exist for a reason Anon.

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