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Lets talk bout how awsome Cowboy bebop Is.

Fav eps.
Fav characters.
Fav ost.
Its hard for me to chose like there's alot of good episodes i got a question tho i never understood when the movie takes place.

I never understood how cannon it is to the series.

Like trigun did the same thing and it pissed me off.
I'll just do 1/2
Ep: Speak Like a Child (Mushroom Samba)
Character: Spike (Teddy Bomber close 2nd)
OST: Real Folk Blues (Want It All Back close 2nd)
I always kinda like jet the guy is the always tryin to be the voice of reason and shit.
Everything but the ones tied into the overarching plot

Radical Edward

It's great.

Pierrot le Fou.
Pierrot le Fou.
Pierrot le Fou.
File: cowboybebop.gif (2.78 MB, 396x209)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB GIF
I've got a question. Recently I found a Cowboy Bebop gif but I don't recall watching this sequence. Did I miss an episode?
I liked the episode where they chased the bounty but the bounty died before they could make the arrest.
Episode: Ballad of Fallen Angels
Characters: Spike, Jet
OST: Rain (See You Space Cowboys being a very close second).

Bebop is one of the oldest anime for which I still listen to the soundtrack regularly.
Me too the ost is soo good.
Oh didn't know about that. Thanks anon.

Related to the thread:
Episodes: Jupiter Jazz and Real Folk Blues
Characters: Spike and Jet (Faye is charming too)
OST: The Opening is superb.
Jupiter Jazz
Space Shuttle
1. Ballad of Fallen Angels, Wild Horses, Pierrot le Fou, The Real Folk Blues 1 & 2
2. Spike and Faye
3. Gotta Knock a Little Harder (from the movie)
>Cats on Mars
My own favorite is Ballad of Fallen Angels. It's got the only scene in all of fiction where taking a hostage backfires.

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