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So why doesn't /a/ make an anime?
/a/ doesn't have the $200-300k per an episode to make one.
Let me put it to you this way, OP.
I was screwing around with encoding the other day for shits and giggles and decided to fuck around with SnW episode 1. That has over 37 thousand frames alone.
Even the most autistic of /a/ posters wouldn't be able to keep up with that for a 12-episode anime.
Perhaps an OVA, but even that is wishful thinking.
Surely that's wrong. Anime usually has an average of 8-12 unique frames per second to my knowledge and snw wasn't particularly fluid. It should be more like 14-18k unique frames.
We could make an anime like Inferno Cop.
File: Frames.jpg (8.56 KB, 194x19)
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I'm just repeating what the program is telling me as far as frame count goes, which is including OP/ED in it.
You may be correct in assuming the unique frame count differs from total frame count however. There seemed to be many instances where it was likely panned still images.
making an anime would be harder than making a game
>14-18k unique frames.
Sometimes I feel a bit bad that I watch all my anime for free.
We made a Visual Novel. If we're gona make an anime, we should animate said VN.
>implying /a/ wouldn't rather make an SoL show about little girls doing something
I vote for an anime about little girls watching an anime about little girls watching an anime about how anime about little girls doing something is made.
I was thinking more something along the lines of

>an anime about little girls trolling people in the internet

It could be like a picture drama, with an image shifting every few seconds. There wouldn't be much to animate, since most of the content is based on their thoughts and what they write on the screen.
We made a VN that was so cancerous we had to create a containment board for it.
It's on 2000th thread and ongoing
they only cost that much because they dont do the work for free.
File: 1342309179634.jpg (62.48 KB, 609x600)
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I'd watch it.
>stranded harem, no need to worry about story.
>the tweest is all the girls are traps
File: hisao am I cute.jpg (89.61 KB, 551x694)
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Hanako a best KS.

Katawa Shoujo is the best allegory to show how something we loved so deeply became hated just because it became popular.

We were able to create something that was enjoyed by millions of people, with tastes and hobbies far different from our, but instead of being proud of it, we pretend to hate it because it's "mainstream".

We didn't make a containment board for KS, we've just excluded it from the containment board that is /a/.
File: 1391007590826.png (180.04 KB, 412x360)
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How? How one VN with mundane setting and no extra material gets over 2000 threads? What are they talking about? I dont undetstand.
You think /a/non's capable of drawing high quality images would draw the hundreds of thousands of frames it would take to make a series for free? Not to mention colouring, soundtrack, voices, effects.
They're waifus
I don't know

I seriously don't know

I used to lurk it when it was on 200th~ threads, got bored on 230th~ thread.

Fucking autists man.
2000 threads? On vg, where bumplimit is around 700 posts? Thats some ultra hardcore cyber-waifufaggotry.
Hell no, making a simple VN alone takes a fuckton of work. No one wants to do all the shit that comes with making an animated project without any form of individual profits.
I'm pretty sure it is just barely game related circlejerking and blogging that actually goes on.

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