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Why doesn't /a/ like Kotori-chan?
Dude she is my 5th favorite
Forced drama about her leaving the country?

I like her anyway.
LL is imas killer.
>No useless male MC/producer
>Cute girls doing cute things
>Yuri all over the place
Best idol series ever!
Because she's bland. But she's cute.
Because it's not human.
She's like somewhere between my 4th and 7th favorite
File: LoveLive4.jpg (54.99 KB, 600x422)
54.99 KB
54.99 KB JPG
We've done it. We have surpassed Idolm@ster

We've made our dreams come true.

Top-selling CD.
One of the highest selling animes of 2013.
Phone Game with most number of players.
A Concert at Saitama.
I've got her back.

(And front. Sorry, lads.)
File: KotoHono6.png (171.37 KB, 600x387)
171.37 KB
171.37 KB PNG
Kotori and Honoka would never leave each other.

The only good thing about the forced drama was the delicious KotoHono hug.
File: 35700146.jpg (686.44 KB, 850x959)
686.44 KB
686.44 KB JPG
Honoka would never allow her harem get broken up.
File: LoveLive2.jpg (281.86 KB, 1200x842)
281.86 KB
281.86 KB JPG
It’s a long winding road
But it's the one I chose
As I burned with all of my dim dreams
Slashing apart the dark with their light
On the other side of the smashed wall
I can see my own sky
File: ChinaLive.jpg (110.17 KB, 506x960)
110.17 KB
110.17 KB JPG

Oh China.

Seriously, make your own 2d Idol Cartoon.
She prostitutes herself at a maid cafe offering "special services".
China copypasta as usual
Yes, this is good
So I got the daily reward for the first 30 days of January on the mobile game. I was so excited to fill a whole month of rewards for the first time.
Then there's an update and I get the reward for February 1.
I don't get it.

Anyway, Kotori is my favourite and Blueberry Train is my favourite Love Live! song. I very much enjoy having a transformed UR Kotori from the event.
File: Kotori16.jpg (369.18 KB, 1200x1697)
369.18 KB
369.18 KB JPG
People don't like Kotori? What nonsense is this, I could list a million things on why she is so great.

Brown Kotori is disgusting though.
I like her. Have her as waifu. Lovely and cute.
File: 1379394523876.gif (486.42 KB, 480x270)
486.42 KB
486.42 KB GIF
>Brown Kotori is disgusting though.
Are there people who actually like her that way? Really, it's so fucking horrible

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