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Hey /a/. I dont come here much. Actually i never come here.

But im interested in finding some good anime to watch, and i was hoping you could recommend something to me. The only anime shows i ever really watched were cowboy bebop, evangelian, mohoromatic, and love hina. I liked evangelian a lot, but that may have been because i was like 16 when i whatched it, and it fed my emo mindset. Bebop is always just awesome. Love hina annoyed the fuck out of me, and mohoromatic was merely alright.

So what should i watch? Id like something that would cater to the 13 year old girl in me. Im feeling like some good, sappy romance is overdue.

Also, I want to appologize. I do not doubt that you get requests like this A LOT from people like me who dont know shit about anime. thanks.

so... is that the name of a show? description perhaps?

according to wikipedia, this is a yaoi video game :(
>>Id like something that would cater to the 13 year old girl in me.

Azumanga Daioh and Kare Kano. That's all I got. I don't watch that kind of thing very much.
True Tears
Shakugan no Shana
Zero no Tsukaima
Macross: Do you Remember Love

I think that's about everything /a/ kinda "likes".
Gundam Seed Destiny
Coyote Ragtime Show
D Gray Man
Musashi Gundoh
Trinity Blood
Black Cat
Romeo x Juliet
Tsubasa Chronicle
Tenjou Tenge
Shining Tears x Wind
5 centimeters per second
File: 1205083642752.png (9 KB, 424x333)
9 KB
Bible Black
everything just not this shit. 2nd seson is even worse
you've come to the wrong place OP.
>Id like something that would cater to the 13 year old girl in me

well, now that changes everything. watch hellsing, elfen lied, and whatever /a/ writes in this thread.
Boku no bibletoads
damn beat me to it
thanx for this one. i really enjoyed this anime

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