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File: 12219.jpg (64 KB, 300x426)
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Why are people always motherfuck' hatin' on mah show? It has boobs, mecha, action and comical moments. What's there not to like?
too popular for /a/ taste. /a/ hate popular stuff
You are one blatant troll.
Yeah, who could neone troll Gurren Laggen?

Gurren-Lagann is the best thing sliced bread.

It is full of symbolism, philosphy, ideals and strong message about moving forward.

The concept of evolution is very strong in Gurren-Lagann, you must move forward, but you will destroy everything by doing so, will you do it?

The animation is superb, 22000 frames per episode is really serious. It's like watching five shows at the same time.

The characters are perfect. Kamina, Simon, Nia, Yoko, theu are more than chracters they are live people.

Gurren-Lagann is the anime that will define anime for centuries to come, believe it!
they see me trollin
What's the matter? Is dat too popular for you?
Anyone notice Gurren Lagann = Shin Getter (Getter in general)?
File: 1205082191297.jpg (84 KB, 864x508)
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After an endless sea of moeblol animu, GL was refreshing. Overrated, but refreshing.

the show is to deep
GL was great, however it gets too much attention. /a/ssholes think they are cool for hating something popular.
Did you delete the other thread because you thought it wasn't as effective a troll as it could have been, or was that a janitor?

Dude, I like Gurren Lagann. I just don't feel the need to post it every 3 minutes. Besides, you're trolling anyway, so sage away.
File: 1205082340188.jpg (146 KB, 275x999)
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146 KB JPG

Because my girlfriend likes it. And it's against the laws of nature for me and her to both like something. Ever.

Inb4 I don't think you have a girlfriend, bullshit, shenanigans, etc.
File: 1205082381489.jpg (134 KB, 426x590)
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134 KB JPG
>It has boobs, mecha, action and comical moments
Because people think that its cool to hate popular things.
Yes, getter rays = spiral energy, etc. /a/ doesn't really know the awesomeness of Getter though. Ask /m/.

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