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>Charging your own people with war crimes.
>We don't want the world to know about our war crimes, they'd judge us and demand we stop.

Am I the only one who thinks this series just isn't as good as the original?
I agree it isn't quite matching the original, but stuff like that has political motivations, no one really means the shit they say at face value.
>no one really means the shit they say at face value.

I'm not sure I get your point here.

The original had pretty well developed subtext and political intrigue, compared to arise's simplistic "there's guys doing wrong stuff because they were treated wrong" angle.
Pretty sure they were less worried about the judging and more worried about being taken over under the pretext of judgement.
yeah but the problem is they were publicly announcing their war crimes by charging soldiers with war crimes

you can't then say "but we don't want this information exposed"

you exposed it your goddamn selves
Which is weird because if I remember the episode correctly, it wasn't really a war crime after all. The refugees were actually insurgents.
One, you aren't going to be charging one soldier with nation destroying shit. There's different levels of war crime. And the trial doesn't necessarily have to be public. It certainly didn't look public.
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the whole ova feels like a cheap copy of the original by people who didn't understand what made it good

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