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So, it seems Obata is under a new writer and their new series is trying to be as violent as Gantz was, running at the same magazine Gantz ran even. What do you guys think/expect?
Do a proper search before making a thread.
Quite jarring to see Obata’s following work to be filled with this much violence and trauma, after Bakuman I thought he would remain in the Light-Hearted side forever; yeah, once the guy who drew the gritty Death Note series, always the guy with tact to make more gritty series.
Eh, excuse me?
It's not a new series, but a LN adaptation.
Also it's being made into a movie with Tom cruise.
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I'm actually kinda' interested to see how they pull off the movie.

But I wish they picked someone else that wasn't Cruise.
Oh, thanks for the info, hence why the promo pic with Tom Cruise in the first pages.
I thought it was a full novel not a LN.
That axe is a little more medieval than I pictured.

It's a novel. It's a quick read too, only a couple hours long.
>Main guy goes through this about 150 times

Shit like that scares the hell out of me
If Obata can get this violent, I hope can get to draw sex scenes, I wonder if he can pull it off.
>No extravagant designs
>No skulls and bones
>No angels and demons
Yep, it seems someone put Obata on leash to keep things down to earth.
>Also it's being made into a movie with Tom cruise.
>no christian symbolism
What happened?
>All You Need is Kill
>new series

Lurk more faggot.
All you need is edge.
It's not super edgy, just violent.
Thanks for this.
>have to chug through 9 pages of scanlator whining before the first page
Jesus fucking Christ.

No; left.

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