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File: mpv-screenshot0001.png (427.69 KB, 720x539)
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Holy shit, and here I thought Shinji was the omni-beta of all. This faggot from Gundam 0079 is the worst of them all

>Managed to fly the Gundam prototype and defended his homeship
>muh PTSD
>Later, ship got surrounded and attacked. Tons of civilians on board. Other soldiers, even though outgunned, are fighting.
>Nuh uh I'm just gonna lie in bed because all this fighting is making me lose sleep
>Commander decided to slap some sense into him
>Muh dad never hit me before, you jerk.
>Even mail girl was getting sick of his shit and told him she's gonna fly that Gundam instead.
>Got told that he's way worse than the guy from the other side
>ONLY then did he decide to get outta there and be the hero of the day.

Fuck those "You gotta watch the classic first brah" faggots. Old shit is shit.
Amuro was a genius autistic child.

Shinji is just a faggot.
File: bait.jpg (75.74 KB, 625x626)
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One thing I hate in anime is those disgusting teens who pilot robots.
File: 1249846028924.jpg (444.05 KB, 1920x1200)
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What is character development

>not knowing about Bright Slapping
"Help me I can't self-insert" -young adult man
File: sunriselaughv6.jpg (231.69 KB, 632x483)
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File: 1381647886572.jpg (47.15 KB, 640x480)
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OP if you want a Gundam character you can self-insert into, check out Kira Yamato from Gundam SEED.
So any further news on Gundam Origins?
So, you're the type who if told to put your life on the line and get into a giant weapon with basically no training, would run wild and be a big hero because that's what a man would do?

Check out Gundam Zeta, friend, the main character was made for you.
/m/aggots, all of you.
Don't be silly, OP is more likely to be Shinn.
Kamille piloted a Gundam because he wanted to, not because anyone told him to.
>The AnimeJapan 2014 convention will host an announcement event for the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise on March 22. The guests at the stage event include voice cast members Shuuichi Ikeda (First Gundam's Char Aznable) Mikako Komatsu (Gundam Build Fighters' Sei Iori), Sachi Kokuryu (Gundam Build Fighters' as Reiji), and Kouki Uchiyama (Mobile Suit Gundam UC's Banagher Links).
There's a fine possibility that it'll be Origin related.
Kirara (or whatever his womanly name is, kelly? gweneth? rebecca?) is such a colossal turd

Fits OP perfectly
Hope it's so expensive it bankrupts Sunrise and FASA gets rights to the MS designs.
File: kamille abortion.gif (1.88 MB, 200x154)
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1.88 MB GIF
>talking shit about Kamille
Nigga was alpha as fuck.
File: 1329528340961.png (223.12 KB, 590x335)
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The thing about Amuro is that he'd probably be the perfect self insert for the average /a/tard... If only the average /a/tard was to be at least mentally legal.

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