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Why is there no English version of niconico /a/?

Less than a year ago I was like everyone here thinks the best way of watching our chinese cartoon is downloading. Although I didn't especially hate streaming but streaming with danmaku like niconico sounds like the most stupid idea ever to me until I discover this:


The video quality is excellent compare to all streaming sites I'd visited and more importantly I just can't go back to watching anything without danmaku now. It was pure fun I don't even know how to describe.

So while I can enjoy watching chinese cartoon with my fellow Chinese speaking people (hongkonger myself) I also think is there any possibility to convince you English speaking people to make one for yourself. I'd have done it myself if my IT knowledge is not basic html level and have no idea how to run a website.

The English version of niconico is called Youtube, it's pretty underground so I guess you haven't heard of it. Furthermore, streaming was, is and always will be the wrong way to enjoy your hobby so stop doing it please.
There is one, you fucking retard. They implemented it a year or two ago.
that routine 6 minute glitch sucks

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