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Okay, this should be very painful but I can't seem to overlook the fact that her butt is right next to his head and his elbow must be feeling up her crotch.
i would change places with him anytime. i would change places with her too
In real life, that move is not painful, at all.

Double win.
delicious situation. If I were him I'd take my other hand and have that one feel up her crotch too if you know what I mean
But how would you do that to yourself?
FUCK YEAH, Girls with hair like that are always awesome.
Don't forget his hand is also touching her brests.

Jujigatame/ armbar not painful? are you retarded or a troll?
3 hit combo?
Since Sunohara is gay for Tomoya, I don't think he appreciated the situation.
Any form of female contact is better than sitting around all day.
Other way around actually, Tomoya is the one who is gay for Sunohara.
you missed the fact that his hand is on top of her breasts as well
Sundome shows how female body parts can be used to relieve pain in a very similar manner.
As this anon said, that move is too painful to reallly pay attention to anything else.

Search jujigatame in youtube to see it IRL
She's doing it totally wrong.

Her legs are meant to hold his left arm so it isn't free to smack her thighs in agony. Her arms are also misplaced as her left forearms are over his right forearm. It should be under and her hand should grab her right wrist then push her left forearm upward to pressure his forarm in pain.

This is why this anime sucks dick.
dealing with experts, etc.

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