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File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0585.jpg (580.07 KB, 1107x1600)
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something something raws for Girls und Panzer Rabu Rabu are out.

This time with 40% more Momo bullying.
File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0586.jpg (475.96 KB, 1109x1600)
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File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0587.jpg (450.49 KB, 1107x1600)
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>more Momo bullying
File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0592.jpg (444.62 KB, 1108x1600)
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File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0593.jpg (473.82 KB, 1109x1600)
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File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0595.jpg (516.77 KB, 1108x1600)
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File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0596.jpg (438.32 KB, 1111x1600)
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>WoP players so weak they couldn't hurt Momo

Guess that explains why they couldn't change gears properly. They weren't strong enough.
File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0597.jpg (461.08 KB, 1107x1600)
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File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0598.jpg (495.72 KB, 1107x1600)
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File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0599.jpg (482.52 KB, 1107x1600)
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So is that the cat in the anime OP?
File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0600.jpg (415.69 KB, 1111x1600)
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415.69 KB JPG

>Cat Shoot Momo
File: Comic_Alive_2014-03_0031.jpg (593.57 KB, 1115x1600)
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Any chance of translations?

Always had a soft spot for Momo.
File: StupidSexySaori.jpg (442.53 KB, 1280x1852)
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File: 41144010_p1.jpg (408.36 KB, 851x1200)
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>Momo-centric chapter
Aww yes
File: Erika.jpg (198.63 KB, 500x766)
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It will take years until we get another Black Forest chapter.

Behold the horrible shape Momo-chan is in...

Yuzu Koyama's shrill/piercing scream echoed trough the hangar...

Chapter 10: It's the murder case of Oarai girls school's 38(t) Hetzer's loader!

This, was the toll of the apocalyptic bell announcing the end of our everyday life...

So this moment has come at last...
President! What's going on...!

We came rushing in after Koyama-senpai's scream...

And Kawashima-senpai was in this state!!
Open your eyes! Momo-chan! Momo-chaaaan!!
There's a pulse...
She's just unconscious tough...

Don't move Kawashima any further than that!
Preserving the crime scene is of top priority!

This is... A closed room murder!
Wait but, senpai is still alive, and the hangar is also always open...

Closed room... so you mean the culprit is amongst us!?
No way... how dreadful!
I it wasn't me!?

Take a good look at Kawashima's corpse
That's...! A dying message!

Kawashima... You bought the grudge of numerous students. So I thought that this day might come once
But just watch Kawashima, as we'll find the culprit for sure!

By the name of the student council president!

The culprit is amongst us...!

First we'll try to put the case into order!


President! By the way, what's a dying message?
It's about the information tied to the culprit the victim gave with it's last remaining strength

Kawashima too left some message behind for us
Hora, she's holding something in her hands

First is
A dried sweet potato...


Potato Homes vs. professor Momoriarty, huh?
Momo is a pussy.

First discoverer

The first discoverer was Koyama, right
Culprit nr. 1
Y yes!

Momo-chan went to the hangar to pick up some documents, and since her return became late
I became curious and went after her...

It's often the case that the first discoverer is actually the culprit in such events
No way, you mean I did!?

I...happened to see
Koyama-senpai and Kawashima-senpai having a dispute...

As for the unreal's eye (I guess 非リア(充) is the direct opposite for リア充/normalfag)

A dispute? In details please, Nekota-san!
It's about something that happened yesterday...

Geez! That's mean of you Momo-chan
Don't call me Momo-chan!
And I'm only stating the truth?

Momo-chan you big meany!
Hey! Cut it out!

...such a tragedy did...! And such violent behaviour on top of that...
Well you know, that was
Don't be so ignorant
Those two were just flirting (seems like she's using a rather old emphasis of flirting)


The basic of investigation! First I want to testify everybody's alibi
Basically I'll go team by team tough

The duck team is...
We were taking a break in back while our heart was always volleyball!
In other words, we did some light practise!


This incident, I think I figured it out!

Suspense of Yuzu

That furrow on Taeko-chan's wrist!
Eeh? That's from when I hurt myself during practise just before...
It's from the jumping rope that Kawashima-senpai was holding!

I won't let you run away any more, my Taeko...
No, you mustn’t... Kawashima-senpai already has Koyama-senpai...!

You dirty whore...!
Yuzu! You're wrong, this is not...!

A dangerous love triangle! She was killed out of blind love!
It was all because of unrequited love! Therefore it was love~!
Yada mo~
There wasn't any stabbing
Please don't go and exaggerate the incident, no?

>Yuri delusions
Guess Saori will accept her freshmen harem soon?
>Guess Saori will accept her freshmen harem soon?

Why should she downgrade? She does have a boyfriend in every port.
File: 1390906011801.jpg (327.79 KB, 1024x661)
327.79 KB
327.79 KB JPG
File: 74718.jpg (102.11 KB, 634x368)
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102.11 KB JPG
>why they couldn't change gears properly
....and their weakness became the hidden strength that ultimately gave Oarai their victory. Zen team?
No, they are just weak.
>Potato Homes vs. professor Momoriarty,
Weren't they curry restaurants?
File: 2742440.jpg (119.93 KB, 700x1000)
119.93 KB
119.93 KB JPG
Boys and curry restaurants are the same.
File: w12316402.png (981.79 KB, 1024x1280)
981.79 KB
981.79 KB PNG

Motive exists

Let's hear the alibi of the hippo team
We too just happened to take a break!
We also have nothing to feel guilty about!

I wonder about that! As for me, you guys are the most suspicious ones!

Kawashima-san kept a watchful eye on your behaviour about just as much as we, the public morals committee, do!
As for you, she was your only natural enemy! So you had plenty of a motive!

That's some interesting deduction you got there, public morals committee! Now I wonder if we should eliminate our other natural enemy as well?

Virtue-less Oarai

...Ha! I think I might've figured it out!
Hana, for real?
The culprit were both the hippo and mallard team!

The fierce power struggle between the public morals committee and the hippo team...!
Kawashima-senpai alone was unable to neglect this tragedy of washing blood for blood/being engaged in a bloody feud...!

You girls! If you have to fight no mater what...
Then do it after you bested me!
E. Jumping rope
E Dried sweet potato

With the equipment she found at that place and the resolution to face them...
Unable to accomplish...
That girl also doesn't have
The courage for this
I don't see any traces that she got done in by such a large number of people tough-
File: 1364393801728.jpg (318.20 KB, 800x600)
318.20 KB
318.20 KB JPG
Truly the hero Oarai deserves ;_;7

Style and pride

And anyway, if we were to subjugate Kawashima-senpai...
Yaayaa, my name is Saemonza!
Ya... yaayaa, my name is Momo Kawashima...!

It is my duty to do the laundry in Oarai
Divine punishment
Beg your pardon!

Well then, let's open this military tribunal! Death penalty! Case closed!
Hhm~!! Hrrm~!!

Et tu, Caesar...!

This intention to slay is in magnificent fairness!
Ei ei oh~
We got laws nowadays, so please mind yourself-

If it's real

Regarding the anteater team, didn't you often get scolded by Kawashima-senpai. Mostly about your clothes...
That's a motive!
That's actually true...

How often do I have to repeat myself before you get it!
Why do you want to show off cleavage so much, are you in Christmas mood all year round!

With us, no mater how much we'd swoop down on, for a fatal wound to...
You should do some training-
In order to stay alive

Sense of smell

...Ara? This is...
What's wrong, Hana?

The scent of an animal is coming from Kawashima-senpai... Is that a cat?
*Sniff sniff*
I forgot about that!
Hana's sense of smell in a long time!


Ththththat's my scent-!

The rabbit's tail

But you're fragrance is as nice as usual, Karina-san? (those aren't my glasses)
That's not true! I'm smelling like a cat since long ago!

So you finally showed your tail!
Rabbit team!
What are you trying to hide?

W we... Nothing...
We haven't done anything bad...


What does Karina smell like?

I know the culprit behind this incident-!!

For real-!?

P please believe us, we really haven't...!

Yeah! While the rabbit team really does seem suspicious, I don't see how they have a motive or the means at all!
I think it's bad to just label them!
I know that, the rabbit team is trying to hide something, but they haven't done anything bad

The actual culprit is...

What's whit all this noise-...
At least let me properly sleep during recess-...

You did Kawashima-senpai?
What are you talking about?
Wrong wrong

That's right, no? rabbit team

The culprit is this cat!

A cat did... Kawashima-senpai?
Speaking of, what's with that cat?
It approached me since taking a nap

Auto mobile club~!

We were searching for this after the president mentioned it earlier... and found it!
Cat food

...There's no point in trying to hide it any more...

The truth is...

How cute~!
It's eating the food~!

I wonder if it'll eat a dried sweet potato?
This is no good after all... trying to keep a cat at school
No way it'll eat that~
But all of our dorms don't allow keeping pets...

If we get found out by a senpai, we'll get scolded for sure... Ah

The senpai I don't want to get found out the most came! Hide the cat and the other stuff! Hurry!

Oh, it's you girls
What are you buzzing around in such place...

Uuuuhm, w we just wanted to hold a little strategy meeting...!
Hmpf, that's praiseworthy

Hm? That is...
Some new sort of sweets?

Let me have a bit

Thinks that it's food is going to get taken away


Struggling and wriggling

Jumping rope that just happens to lay around

Dried sweet potato that just happens to lay around
>What does Karina smell like?
Like pussy. It's canon.
I liked skinny tsunderish girls with small breasts before, but after seeing Saori now I really into soft cuddly girls with childbearing hips. And this season is like owerflowed with them, even in yuri shows. Feel's damn good.

A and that's what happened...

One may well say so about the cat in question
But the rest is because we kept quiet...
That's true...

Did you wake up?
Just what happened...



and done
File: saori (3).jpg (143.59 KB, 713x1200)
143.59 KB
143.59 KB JPG
You wouldn't leave Saori would you?
She's more like a trigger. I like her in more platonic way, like a cousin or old friend.
File: sickofthisshit.jpg (160.62 KB, 806x1000)
160.62 KB
160.62 KB JPG
It's like she is cursed.
File: title.jpg (204.44 KB, 560x800)
204.44 KB
204.44 KB JPG
So I'm playing pic related. What can I expect?
I don't mean in the tank combat part of it, that's pretty welll covered in their help page. I mean, it does have a H part, or doesn't it?
The H-stuff is a pretty small part of the game.

That, I knew...
Actual question (that I should have worded better) was if the H-stuff is reached during gameplay or as an ending reward.
I'm actually playing it for the tanks
just bonus.

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