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FLAG259 Spoiler Summary by FKS

Lune and Dokurou are continuing their fight aboard Akanemaru. The former then extracts the cutting band from her leg and uses it to bind the latter, injuring her badly. Dokurou still has the strength to hold Lune's cloth. In the past, Keima tells Elsie they are leaving the boat, since they still have a few things to do and they have until tomorrow morning for the exchange of Keimas. In the present, Shoutarou's car is taking a tunnel and is heading to the boat. The gramps says that he created a passage leading up to the Akanemaru's bridge in the tunnel, that in case the enemy knows about it, they have no way to escape, that once Keima is rescued, they need to think of how to get out of there. Tenri then says that once Kema is back, Diana will help them out. Back at the Akanemaru, Lune is talking while still binding Dokurou, and then pulls the cutting band in order to try to cut her badly. But the barrier below them breaks and the two girls fall, and Dokurou impales Lune on one of the spikes around the table and then collapses on the ground.

But Lune is not dead as she says that she did not think the barrier would disappear, to which Dokurou says she is the one that sets it up and the one that can remove it. Lune then smiles and says that the barrier, that Dokurou went out of her way setting up in order to go unnoticed from outside, seems to have gone. That provokes a visit from two giant monsters to the boat, an event that startles Dokurou. Lune orders them to smash the ship. The monsters then comply and start wrecking it. FIN.
sigh, another chapter without future Keima and without the letter. Feels like this chapter will end in the same place it started. sure it sounds like things happen but damn.

Thanks for the summary.

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