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Ragyou represents you the waifu obsessed otaku
Satsuki represents the pure maiden waifu whose real personality is being repressed
REVOCS represents the current state of the anime industry
The original life fiber represents the collection of anime tropes and genres that are the backbone of the industry
The alien origins of life fiber represents the influence of Western cartoons in post-war Japan
The evolution of mankind represents how Japanese domestic cartoons evolved into the refined anime and manga you see today
COVERS represents the biggest anime series of the seasons, "tailor-made" for otaku everywhere
The Great Cultural Festival represents Comiket
Nudist Bitch represents TRIGGER and their allies, who are fighting to usher an era of change in the anime industry
Ryuko represents the ideal anime character with the freedom to be her true self
Mako is the writer's self-insert

No need to thank me
OP represents a faggot.
That almost makes sense. I think the evolution of mankind stands for transformation of a human being into an otaku scum but overall that's a pretty nice interpretation. Too good for this show.
Someone who knows nip should repost it on Futaba.

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