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What if Kill la Kill has Gainax ending?
They will make a movie retake and everybody will kill it a masterpiece of this generation.
don't evne joke about it
Fucking call it*, holy fuck I have to go to sleep.
>Mako was a villain all along
>fatally wounds both Satsuki and Ryuko
>last 2 minutes of the show is dedicated to her monologue where she explains how see manipulated everyone to do her bidding and how she plans to become the god-emperess of world
>leaves Ryuko&Satsuki to die
>"To be continued"
>S2 never
Satsuki will be revealed to be Nudist Beach deep cover sleeper agent recruited directly by Ryuko's father.
They will take down pink bitch together, almost dying in a process.
Scissors will be whole again, revealing they carry essence of Ryuuko's father - which made them that good for killing Uniforms.
Mako will kill Ryuko with them.
What if it has a Shamalama Ding Dong ending?
There won't be a Gainax ending.

We'll just get a Trigger warning
>mfw Kill la Kill has actually an ending National Lampoon's Animal House style
>mfw we see shit like "Ira Gamagori became vice president of Toyota"
>mfw there's no face for this
What if Stocking is the final boss of KlK?
I'd watch it.
>final aired episode is complete cliffhanger
>volume bonus episode is some sotl episode that inserts somewhere in the beginning
>trigger goes out of business and everyone there takes up another line of work

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