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>finished manga won't ever get anime adaptation they said
>this manga still got an adaptation years after it ended

So, can we expect more anime adaptation of finished manga series in the near future?
>>finished manga won't ever get anime adaptation they said
It already had an adaptation. This is just an extension.

Ping Pong and Parasyte are better examples. Although Ping Pong already had a live action and Parasyte had a live action in waiting for years or something.
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> Parasyte had a live action in waiting for years or something

Some Hollywood studio bough movie rights of Kiseijuu and everyone was covering in fear how are they going to rape it. There were some messages that they are working on a script and that they are trying to kick up the production (there was news in 2008 and then in 2011, I think). But nothing happened (luckily), the rights expired and then Japanese producers bough them immediately and started with full-production right away and decided to fund anime as co-project.

I hope they will put as much care into the anime as they possibly can. Kiseijuu has potential to be even 10/10.
If/when the ln markt starts getting less popular.
Is there another case like FMA? I mean where anime adaptation of a manga finished before the manga and then they make another (more faithful) adaptation after the manga is finished.
There's HxH, but that is nowhere near finished and will probably never be.

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