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General Manga/Manwha thread, what are you reading, what are you following, what are you backlogging?
No good comes from starting a thread like this with ToG.

I didn't realize ToG was hated, although I guess /a/ hates most shounen.
> /a/ hates most shounen
That's pretty wrong. /a/ decidedly hates, or at least a sizable proportion hates ToG and webtoons.
just read Annarasumanara, it was neat. some mixed-media shit was cool. I believe in magic.

feng shen ji is also really fucking awesome. I'm afraid swordsman uncle is gonna die, though...
Probably the only webtoon I actually like.

Ah, so it's just webtoons in general, personally I enjoy the format, allows for interesting presentation and shots. As for ToG, I probably wouldn't like it as much as I do if the author didn't do the page or two at the end of the chapter where he goes into a shitton of detail about everything.
I'm burning through my H-manga backlog.
And I hate the format. Most of the time they're terrible at using it. And it's metric tons of white space.
have you read Fairy Tale for the Darklord, or The Gamer?
Was meant to try Fairy Tale for the Darklord. Not sure if I really have any drive to read The Gamer. I don't honestly don't think I'd enjoy it much.

It's not even that I don't enjoy them that much even disregarding the format, I've found that they don't have much staying power.
Look like deviantart shit

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