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Admit it.This pulled at your heart strings.
Based Takemoto.
>KyoAni fucking with my heart
Poor Nibutani though
But all Deko wanted to do was spread her ideals of love into the world!
Damn, those last 3 minutes man.
Man, for just a moment I really, sincerely thought they were going for something with those two, especially coming off the Christmas episodes

KyoAni don't fuck me like this please
This was a great episode. Although I am a little disappointed that everything gets reset at the end. You knew it had to, but still. I want more MorixMori
Too bad nothing really came from it.
Christ everything after it made me want to fucking punch Dekomori seriously why the fuck weren't there long term consequences for this?
My what?
doesn't change the fact that since Shinka is really Embarassed about her past and that Dekomori betrayed her so easily that there should of as a result been serious consequences instead of simply being played for laughs
Shinka should have simply embraced her past self, or at least understood she was doing it out of her love and respect of Mori Summer.

Then again, Kyoani wrote this, so...
That was pretty cute even though I'm not a filthy yurifag. Those last few moments on the stage really made me cringe. It was physically painful and I had to close my eyes and facepalm. Good ep however.
The Mori Summer cookie moment gave me a heart attack.
You act lie it's that simple, fuck not to mention if this was real life and not Otakuland her school life would be hell for the next few months if not for the rest of her highschool life.
I'm not a female.
Also get the fuck off from /a/ with your multithreads just like you do on tumblr. Please.

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