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O Karin five thousand men isn't nearly as game breaking as tens of thousands.
Does anyone else get a league of legends vibe from this? Karin may have cleverly launched an Ashe arrow from bottom lane, but Ousen literally just came from top with 2 more levels than the next highest guy.
Karin screwed herself just like Ordo and Kanmei the moment she started talking about winning.

Notice how Ousen NEVER talks about winning.

>The less you share your thoughts, the more likely you win: The Manga
How long till the Zhao send out Houken and start wrecking people?
I'm no rawfag but I'm guessing he's Keisha's ace in the hole. There's no way lollipop hair general has a chance at killing Duke Hyou with the generals and troops he has at his disposal.

I mean, the faggot just casually takes 3000 men and cleans out 10000 before going back for lunch. So long as Duke Hyou chooses not to go for Keisha he has nothing to fear from the Rihaku and Kouson Ryuu who use brains to fight.
Ousen confirmed for being Ouki tier.

Now I wonder why he chose to go for the Kankoku Pass.

Because Ousen beat the shit out of Ordo's mountain elites earlier, Ordo was probably cautious and Ousen had the freedom to move around as he chose.
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Where were you when based Ousen saved the day /a/?

Rawfag here SRSLY massive spoilers here The pass falls and Duke Hyou dies fighting Houken, Sei comes onto the Battlefield & the Coalition then besiege the Supply fort for the Pass, Qin just barely fights them off & Shin kills Houken que timeskip

After Qin presumably wins this coalition war, how is the mangaka going to keep the suspense?

Qin is basically confirmed for having the greatest generals and the greatest non-Houken warriors. (Ousen, Kanki, Tou, Moubu, and the old generals and the new guns)

Zhao's the only in the storyline who seems to have semi-competent generals minus Karin. Even Karin is inferior to Ousen so far.

I understand that. Ousen is basically free to move around but why de he chose to go to the Kankoku Pass ? Did he know that Karin's troops where moving around the mountains ?

I mean, if he didn't have that information moving behind the pass would be a useless move.

I guess the next chapters will tell us but I'm guessing he had scouts scattered around the battlefield.

Ousen's whole strategy seems to resolve around minimizing risk, mastering the terrain (mountain fortress, surrounded land) and utilizing feint attacks and retreats (using Heiki as bait, feint retreating to attack Ordo from behind).

Ousen needs to have a pretty complete understanding of the battlefield, its terrain, and any possible shortcuts/locations for traps if he is to use that strategy.

My guess is that he saw a Chu flank attack as a possibility and used some sort of advance warning system to quickly move his troops
I think the only question to ask right now is this: Could Karin somehow have ensured victory despite Ousen's appearance? Keep in mind that this isn't Ousen at his strongest, there's been no pre-planning, no fortifications, just straight charge into the enemy troops, with the gate only minutes from opening.
Qin2stronk pls nerf
Seems a bit odd that no-one had scouts posted in the mountains to warn everyone in case someone snuck around.
Tell that to history.
i'd say it's manga STRATEGY and the details just aren't shown to us.
i don't think you can just snuck 5k soldiers past anything.
then again, kanki did

>tfw you realize the hishin unit is completely useless without the bird loli
Or assassin girl

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