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File: School life.jpg (160.31 KB, 1024x767)
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You wake up and you a protagonist of an anime series while in a classroom.

How would the story be told?
>sit on the backseat at the window
>acquire harem
>choose all girls
>have endless orgies
>the end
In first person perspective
Join the light music club asap.
I would probably do a domino out of erasers
Or play Shingeki no Chess
And I would have my cute female classmate to tell me to yamete.
It's a gag anime that has every episode end with me getting shot in the head by Golgo-sensei, thus wiping away any memory I had of the day's events that would cause a development in my character, including any flags I may trigger for the girls.
It would be told very poorly and cancelled during the first commercial break.
File: 0012_595.jpg (77.37 KB, 595x446)
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>Befriend Miku
>Realize she's a tsundere
>Walk to school with her all day
>Watch her throw her cute tsuntsun behavior
>Continue hanging out with her
>Christmas time
>Confess my love for her
>Watch Miku looked surprised and calls me a baka
Hug her and never let her go
I'd probably still sleep during class all day.
i'd live a life of suffering

probably become punpun
File: 1381731572317.png (284.55 KB, 995x720)
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>story of anon attending classes in community college
>all the girls are either married or complete bitches
>MC has hardly any classroom friends because all his classmates are supreme normalfags
>viewers complain because the idiot MC didn't get that one nice girl's number while he had the chance
>stop motion video series with figmas
How has no one done this yet?
Too much effort and talent needed to pull it off.
This is unfortunate.

>OP is some shitty electronica
>MC looks at imageboards in class on his laptop
>ED is some sort of shitty grunge music

Sounds boring
It would be a foreveralone boys love anime.

So basically viewership would be 0.
File: Spoiler Image (244.10 KB, 1280x720)
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244.10 KB JPG
>Be a transfer student
>Befriend some people
>Saw someone dead
>Go to sleep to forget about it
>Go to school
>Listens to a rumor
>Tries it at midnight
>Try to say you can go through TVs
>Someone else dies
>Shit hits the fan
>implying she doesn't go True Tears on you and really only want to date your best friend
I'm in high school again or college?
Was that meant to be funny?
He probably thinks that putting things in Surprise Bars and spoilering images makes things funnier
> 28 year old man is caught up in government misunderstandings
> he now has to repeat high school
> watch the enticing story about how MC sits at his desk all day all year without ever talking to anyone
> laugh as he is asked simple questions by the teacher and fails because he can't remember shit from school
> cry as he goes home ignored by everyone in class because he's an old fart
> rejoice as he falls asleep next to his waifu daki

Are you trying to create the most depressing story ever?
>wait till bell rings
>go home and watch anime
the end.
It's missing a copy of "Microwave Cooking for One"
>the anime you're watching involves another anon from this thread
Not trying to be edgy but a narrative of a school shooting.
Mostly because I watched American Psycho for the first time today and it give me that sadistic thrill I love so much.
I'm just being realistic.
Also, did you miss the part about sleeping next to his waifu daki?
It is a retelling of Watamote, but with the gender of every role reversed.

Nobody enjoys it because it hits too close to home, least of all me.
uh oh

That was the point that made it so depressing.
>sleeping next to your waifu
Confirmed for poor normalfag who hasn't joined the masterrace yet
it probably wouldn't be told man
I hate narration. Rather my school room anime break all the rules and be more like a druggy dream.
You missed the point of the show. Even when he's all alone, he's still happy because he loves his waifu.

Robot chicken.

The show can only be redeemed if his waifu somehow becomes real.
File: 1386481923198.png (284.60 KB, 510x700)
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284.60 KB PNG
If my life was an anime it would be the tatami galaxy except with only one timeline, no girl and no revelations of profound truth. Oh boy.
ITT: sweet ass blogs and pathetic humour by /v/ermin
Is that fucking Gonzo?
If Golgo were my sensei things would be different around here.

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