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>Kill la Kill Speculation Thread

So with this new episode, lets start up some speculation:

>Senketsu has two eyes in the opening.
Speculah; Isshin didnt get killed in the first episode when Ryuuko ran off while he was in mid-sentence. He used some kind of remote to detonate/catch of fire the house to fake his death and disappear to lose Nui. The orders Aikurou and Tsumugu were receiving over the phone in EP5 were from Isshin, and at some point, hes going to return to finish Senketsu's right eye.

>Lifefiber Alien, and Nui's relation to it as Grand Couturier
This goes back to the idea that Nui is a lifefiber doll. Because she is the Grand Couturier for Revocs, that means she has to work directly with the lifefiber alien. Speculah - When the Lifefiber alien was found by the Kiryuins, it created Nui to act as a mouthpiece for its desires.
Check the fucking catalog first

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