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>there are people on this board who would rather watch taiwanese cartoons than go to the game with their bros
>there are people on this board who would rather cuddle with their wifi than go to a movie with a real girl
>there are people on this board who would rather argue over who is best grill than host a barbecue
>there are people on this board who would rather live in their mom's basement than go to college
>there are people on this board that actually think these cartoons for asian children have depth

I seriously hope you guys are pretending to be fags, because this shit is unacceptable
I rather like my wifi. It may not be physical, and it may crap out on me, but it's always there.

according to who? you?
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You forgot the best part, that we relish in our depravity. We know what we are, and not only do we accept it, we look down with pity on people like you who will never know our joy. We won't become like you, but you can still become like us.
>there are people on this board who go to /sp/ for anything but the /a/ superbowl thread

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