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*taps da mic* I-is this thing on? Hello /a/, fa/tg/uy here. Uh, coineecheewah. I come to you in my darkest time. There are three anime whose names I do not know. I've scoured the tubes with a fucking brillo pad but nothing's popped up. I had heard that you guys are good at helping people figure out what anime they're talking about based on short memories. So here are the three:

1. I watched some kind of movie or something on MTV back when they did that AMV like thing late at night. It was grimdark and had some CGI aspects. From what I can recall, some dude and his little sister were fighting against these demon/machine/men things that were created or transformed by some kind of giant evil computer matriarch. I remember from the ending scene METALLIC TITTIES. The older brother would fight her agents and he would inject himself with some kind of drug in the neck. I specifically remember one scene where he's fighting a guy in a burning down house.

2. This was on some kind of cable animoo network. All I can remember was that there were people (I think mainly female?) who were training to fight with these elemental powers they got through "lamps" or "lanterns" that were circular gems. Color corresponded to power I think. The people who used these lamps wore a black bodyglove.

3. This one was on Tech TV before G4 came along and did the fusion dance. It's a little less detailed. I remember a cook dropping some liquid into the flame of his stove, turning it blue. Seemed to be some kind of drug. Also a guy went to buy some of the drug off of this man and woman in an alley. They ended up being some kind of monsters and killed him. The anime was (once again) grimdark.

That's all I've got for you /a/. I've been on this quest for almost a decade. Please help me out!
1. Boku no Pico
2. Bible Black
3. Jackie Chan Adventures

Hope that helps!
Oh, I just remembered that I think there was a game released based on the Anime 1. Also all of these most likely aired between 2002-2006 although that might not be when they were first run.
1. hey Arnold
2. avatar the last airbender
3. invader zim
Fuck you already seen them all.
The first one is Galerians: Rion, I don't know the others. I give you this out of a strange sense of nostalgia over it and a common root in /tg/
1 - Boku no Pico
2 - Bible Black
3 - Battletoads
The second one is Master of Marital Hearts.
Pretty sure third one is Boogiepop Phantom.
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That isn't it at all but I'm taking this with a grain of salt since I don't know the jokes around here.

You guys have managed to help solve two out of the three greatest entertainment puzzles I've had. Two down, one to go. Thank you guys so much so far! Really!
Is *action* shit really acceptable on /tg/?
Dear god no. We'd just say something like:

A large man wearing only a robe walks up to a microphone. He pulls out a finely tailored handkerchief and wipes his sweaty forehead, although it's clear the sweat won't be drying up anytime soon. Nervously he taps the head of the microphone and prepares to make his humble request.

Granted that's not how Buppa would act at all but it's just a sample. Also for normal shit we wouldn't be hyper-descriptive.
>I don't know the jokes around here.
Then you must lurk. I would help you but I don't know shit about anime that was broadcast in murrica.
Second one sounds too generic, need more details
I remember a large white building. Two of the students were fighting, both women. They were apparently rivals. One was water, the other was fire. It seemed like this was some kind of training place where people who had these powers went to learn how to control them.
This is just a shot in the dark but is number 2 Mai-Hime?
Looked it up, no dice. Thanks for the guess though, I appreciate it.
pretty sure boogiepop wasnt aired in NA
OP here, the name sounds so fucking familiar that I'm ninety nine percent positive that it's boogiepop phantom. HOLD UP THERE'S A FUCKIN WIKI ENTRY FOR ALL THE ANIME PLAYED ON G4/TECH TV BACK THEN


I came in the thread to tell you it was boogiepop phantom then I saw someone already had. It almost certainly is.
>*taps da mic* I-is this thing on? Hello /a/, fa/tg/uy here. Uh, coineecheewah.
Come back when you've learnt to not post like a faggot.

Back when I browsed /tg/ this shit would not fly over there either. Has the board gotten this bad since I stopped going?
No I was just trying to be nice.
After many years of /tg/ being hailed as one of the best boards, where do you think faggots most want to explore?

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