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Just finished Kyoukai no Kanata easily best anime of the past season

The only thing to discuss is your absolute shit taste.
you have shit taste

That's not Kyousougiga.
This is now an Ai thread, post Ai and discuss how cute she is.
>liking Kyoukai no Kanata
Incredibly annoying in the specials. I don't want to say forced moe, but its the easiest way to describe it.
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It was pretty good. Non Non Biyori was the best anime last season though.

This bitch was sexy as fuck though. Can't remember what her name was.
The only good thing about it was the ED

It did have a good amount of Christmas cakes.
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How can you not love this face
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>Non Non Biyori was the best anime last season though
By having good taste.
Christmas Cakes alone can not save a shit anime
The only good thing about it was the OP
retarded gimmick characters 'i love glasses', 'i say fuyukai a lot' with a stupid plot full of retarded shit like stupid plot twists near the end that never got expanded upon and the worst ending to an anime of the season
File: 1386788339056.png (18.82 KB, 209x209)
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Oh no, your opinion differs from mine. However will I sleep tonight?
What I know about KnK
>Mirai is olev
>shitposters compare it with KLK
>Mirai cosplay looks retarded
>Kyoani finds half a way
>It's not fujoshit

How accurate am I? Should I watch it?
File: 1391106557962.jpg (1.08 KB, 100x100)
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The ED was good too. And your gripes are very broad. Those character traits were just for comic relief, to say they were gimmick characters is going too far. Every character in this show was good, I feel.

The plot could've been better, though. It had some good things going for it, and it would build momentum, only to end with a disappointing payoff. I didn't mind that she lived at the end as much as other people here, so the ending was fine.

Decent show, I liked the characters and the setting. But it was nothing mind-blowing.

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