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File: kek.png (699.62 KB, 1366x768)
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>saying unkind things to Tyrone

vids where!?
Who is this youtube commentor? Why does he say she mean things? Pls don't bully.
>why does he say she mean things
>Japanator article
It was fun while it lasted.
I'm not going to give them pageviews but does this lead back to /a/ in any way? That would explain the lowered quality of posting today.
No one talks shit to Tyrone or Rog.
That would also be explained by you being here though.
I was curious. It does
ebin :^)
That explains all the people who stream/don't use nyaa today.
File: 1389569559893.png (117.07 KB, 372x351)
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>Muh sekret club
Japanator is shit though.
>Before I finished, I asked Rog one last question: who is "best girl?" I expected him to answer with the typical joke answer, "Satsuki," but instead he surprised me. "Geez, who is best girl, tough one to answer. That blonde one with the big tits, whatever her name was."
File: 1388742115601.jpg (21.09 KB, 277x280)
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what even are these websites
>shoved me off
Is that wallaby-speak for sexual gratification?
Those bottom two videos are terrible, no where near the level of scripting that Ryan Pollard and Burotaku can do.
Tyrone is some black bonger mong who, for 5 dollars plus extras for props/extra words/etc, will make a youtube video about...pretty much anything you want as long as its (i think) 75 words. while wearing a snazzy suit

So just a monkey dancing for some coins, eh?
It's a pretty slick business if you think about it. 5 bucks to say a short paragraph in front of a camera?

Apparently ever since /a/ (and by default the other boards) found him he's been making lodsa dosh. and has been enjoying the video content. go look up 'tyrone lolicon' if you want a intro to him and /a/

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