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I need help finding anime clips that relate to these quotes and all my otaku friends are doing other homework... please help.
-It was a somewhat cloudy spring afternoon. (Pg.5)
-Suspended in the dim light before the window overlooking the magnificent 10th floor view, the plants breathed softly, resting. (Pg.16)
-It was a clear, bright afternoon, windless and cloudless and a warm, golden sunlight filled the empty room I had once called home. (Pg.31-32)
looking up I saw white steam rising, in the dark, out of a brightly lit window. (Pg.35)
-Still, enveloped in the twilight coming from the west…(Pg.42)
-I watched the gloomy clouds and the orange of the sunset spreading across them in the western sky. (Pg.56)
-I understood it from the color of the sky, the shape of the moon, the blackness of the night sky under which we passed. The building lights, the streetlights were unforgiving. (Pg.77)
-I hurried through the neighborhood streets under the brilliant, shadowless light of high noon. (Pg.83)
-Lying there on my back, I looked up at the roof of the inn and, staring at the glowing moon and clouds, I thought, really, were all in the same position. (Pg.97)
-I stood on a seawall and looked down at the foggy mass of white over the beach. The sea was jet black, from time to time fringed with the lacy, flickering light. (Pg.103)

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