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I just realized something.

Space Dandy and his crew didn't mess up the space time continuum this episode.

Sure, they eradicated all "life" as we know it, but they didn't do anything particularly cosmic.
who gives a shit? In 3 of the 4 episodes at least one character is dead by the end, the show clearly doesn't care about continuity (and is made better by it tbh)

Go crazy, Space Dandy!
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I'd say getting the entire universe killed is pretty huge.
and I think the main thing about the show is going to be that rope they pulled in the first episode, that ended up splitting everything into a series of alternate realities. I'm pretty sure everything after that was just to advance the plot in it's own particular episode.

that still doesn't explain why the empire was chasing Dandy before all that happened
Keepers of Time
The narrator turning into a zombie and moaning over the closing seconds of the episode was legitimately creepy.
He probably caught an awesome, god-tier alien at some point in his career, before letting it go out of pity. That, or he came really, really, close in capturing it.

The Gogol Empire want to use that alien's powers to win the war and think that Dandy can capture it a second time.

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