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>mfw the rabbit is better than many of demon wardens in hell.

I find it said that there's only 4 people on /a/ that watched this show.
I loved the rabbit and Yoshitsune.
Fucking love this show

The deadpan humor, and just the thought that Hell is run like this and these personalities (like the taxis fearing for their well being) is fucking gold
>mfw the rabbit is better than many of demon wardens in hell.
If anything, I'd imagine that that's exactly what hell would be like, if not worse. The damned and their would-be torturers just sitting around until a superior is watching.
God, yes. Cuter than the rabbit.
>beginning of ep we see poster of Yoshitsune
Sweet, looks like a new girl character incoming

>Its a trap
Very happy to see Yoshitsune animated.
Rabbit was cute too.
To think that there's such a delicious trap in Hell
CR translation bothers me. For example Tougenkyou as Shangri-la. Why not Peach Blossom Spring? When you read it you picture some sort of paradise, and it's a bit like it, but you see Momotarou picking peaches and it makes no sense if you don't know about Tougenkyou.

And sadly FFF is a lazy script edit that doesn't clarify or fix anything.

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