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I tried to watch D-Frag, having never watched the manga, and thought it was quite charming up until he was physically taken hostage and threatened. At that point, I suspected the show might run similarly to GJ-bu (which I did watch all the way through), and dropped it, worrying that the MC would be treated like complete shit the whole way through, failing to once act like a man.

Recently, though, I've seen it posted a fair bit, and I'm recalling how much I liked the first half of the episode. How true are my worries with this series? Is the whole thing a bunch of high school girls bullying men?
>watched the manga

God damn it.
Just watch it and stop watching it if you don't fucking like it tubronerd.

You really don't need others to tell you this.
I'm autistic, so yes I do.
Holy shit, man.
Finish the goddamn episode and give 3 episode rule.
Alternatively read the manga, it's better in my opinion.
He wins Roka's pouch.
Not OP, but how did a girl that I would estimate to be around 4'6'' subdue a nearly full grown man?

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