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So /a/, I've been watching this show called Ashita no Nadja. It's a charming story about a girl seeking her mother through like 16th century Europe or so with fun, twists and drama along the way. But that's not the point.

I got to episode 26 and the episode was very very weird. The energy was very low and the scenes were very strangely constructed. There was a kind of constant tension going on that was kind of leading to this big reveal at the end of the episode. So I looked it up and it turned out Mamoru Hosada directed this episode (You know, THAT one episode of Digimon Adventure that looked weird as well).

Anyway, thread topic: Anime episodes that distinctly stood out from the rest or had a guest director. I'll post some screens from this episode
In this scene, I was pretty sure Ikuhara had written the episode or something
Tomatoes are fucking creepy
And this scene looked like something out of Satoshi Kon
Street fight scene done entirely in shadow
Some long-running shows get really impressive standout episodes. Naruto had some really good ones from Atsushi Eakabayashi, Toshiyuki Tsuru, and more "recently" Akitoshi Yokoyama. Bleach also had a very impressive episode from Yuzuru Tachikawa if I'm not mistaken.
Think that's a painting back there
*Atushi Wakabayashi
File: 2b3a916e.jpg (29.82 KB, 638x358)
29.82 KB
29.82 KB JPG
That one episode of Aquarion where Yuasa directed

The best part about it was how they made it plot-relevant
>through like 16th century Europe
Have you really been watching it OP?
Too bad Mamoru Hosada's movies aren't as good as that episode
Look, I'm not really paying attention to the timefram, but now that I notice that part about 100 years ago, I feel retarded and should have said early 1900s
You didn't notice the cars?
Satoru Utsunomiya directed that episode.
Wasn't there an episode of Penguindrum that was trippier than usual and I think it was because SHAFT worked on it?

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