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The Vinland saga raws have been out for a few days now, but I can't find any translated version. Does anyone know if these have been translated yet?


>eraCol Norwegian

Fuck you for reminding me it's not translated yet
You know who just finished translated that oyasumi manga.

Please give him a break.
>starts with an unknown person who apparently pillaged the island they are on
>skips to iceland
>thorfinn gets a haircut
>sister tells him to become a fisherman and settle down
>tells the family his stories and tells his goals
>mother approves and tells him that everyone goes through problems and tries to escape them, so did his father
>the country he wants to make will accept these type of people
>learn that he's looking for a person to finance his new country
>his brother in law says something about the "iron chain" or halfdan
>halfdan is the person from the beginning of the chapter
>thorfinn wants to get this guy to help him

There's my shitty summary for the plebs who can't into Japanese.

Eight days, we can't get a translation in eight days.
Maybe you should learn Japanese and stop bitching then.

Who is that girly looking git on page 8?

Is that going to be Thorfinn's spoiled goods future wife?

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