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So much second hand embarrassment, oh my god.
Oh wow, she showed the school?
Tempted to pick this up now just for that train-wreck.
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Poor Shinka
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Dekomori a shit

(although it was techinically Nibutani's fault for trusting a girl with Asperger's)
Dekomori a shit. Ignoring Rikka for that dog whore. Worse than dog slut now.
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Nibutani keeps on half-assed trying out clubs and decided to try for the student council on a whim.

DESS saved the school because you know she would've gotten fed up with the role of being Class President in about a week upon realizing it's not the right fit for her.

Deko is truly the hero we need. The school is safe and Nibutani is in her chuuni club, all is right in the world
I've never laughed harder at an episode of anything ever. I loved every minute. They took it in an amazing direction when they hinted that there might be at least some level of attraction between the two of them, and then they snap back to status quo in a quick, violent, and hilarious fashion.

10/10 sasuga kyoani best comedy since nichijou

You almost had me.
You seem to have confused a fact with an opinion.
I was very worried they were going to keep the "true" Mori Summer thing going on, the best part of the show IMO is Shinka-Deko fighting

I have hope for a proper romance though, Kyoani is stringing me along big time with this shit and there better be a payoff
>the best part of the show IMO is Shinka-Deko fighting
Well yeah but I would have fucking loved for them to take that little friendship somewhere for a few episodes at least, I mean I lost my shit a minute or so into shinka's house and didn't calm down until the ED. I'm just sad that this kills all probability that those two will ever be friends.

I dunno. Maybe this weed's just got some yurifag mixed in with it.
File: 1295135676738.png (114.06 KB, 241x241)
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Maybe weed just brings out the yurifag in you
The term you want is 'Vicarious' embarrassment.
But then you sound pretentious and if you use "second hand embarrassment" more people are likely to understand what you are talking about.
Not that I have anything against using the correct wording, and I didn't even know that's what it's called so thank you

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