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File: Satsuki a shit.png (2.45 MB, 1440x937)
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So it's official that Ryuko is more powerful than Satsuki right?
Yes, Satsuki needed her lackeys to help her.
She barely made a comeback and didn't even win
>Beating up a rape victim

Wow Ryuuko, you're so cool and strong.
Trigger said she won
You mean rape survivor, Satsuki is a hero.
Satsuki is still the most powerful slut.
No, they're probably tied at this point.

That bath scene for Satsuki might have been a power up of some sort, I don't know.
Why didn't Ryuko just kill Satsuki when she had both swords?

And in the recent episode wearing Junketsu is fucking Satsuki up.

Senketsu isn't fucking Ryuko up.

Ryuko is objectively superior to Satsuki.
File: 1391109800399.gif (935.34 KB, 425x239)
935.34 KB
935.34 KB GIF
>MC ends up being stronger than main antagonist
I don't know, whay don't you tell me
File: 1388056937220.jpg (580.25 KB, 1200x1181)
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580.25 KB JPG
>The Kiryuins are a bunch of inbred retards

There you go, /a/, now you know the secret of Ragyo's hair. It's a genetic defect from generations of incestuous inbreeding.
Satsuki and her are basically tied, though Ryuko's flight gives her an advantage.
If she didn't have Nonon Ryuko would have had an easier victory.
>and didn't even win
She had both swords

She could have killed Satsuki is she wanted.

She fucking won that one.

And Satsuki can't fly.

Satsuki a shit
Satuski let her win. It was part of her plan to delay Ryuuko so Nonon could destroy the base and finish their mission. If she tried anything, Junketsu could've killed her and ended it. Ryuuko was never in control of the situation.

Ryuukofag please go.
>gets the shit kicked out of her while flying
>almost falls to her death
>fight ends with blades at each others throats
But Satsuki couldn't fly without Nonon.

And Junketsu piercing Senketsu was a bluff.
That doesn't even seem that bad, that's what people are mad about?
So are the BD rips going to uncensored or not?
the title doesn't speak for everyone.
File: Yoko nipples.gif (1.15 MB, 300x169)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB GIF
Well These guys have put tits in their stuff before.

There's a decent chance of us getting Tits.
Honestly it would be a crime at this point not to give us glorious Satsuki tits. Wouldn't mind some of Ragyou either.
>And Junketsu piercing Senketsu was a bluff.

Unless that was confirmed with the newest episode that is 100% FALSE. Did you not see were Senketsu was breaking when trying to slice Junketsu with EDGY MODO?
File: Nia nipples.gif (1.07 MB, 300x169)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
More Gainax/Trigger Tits.
Why would she kill Satsuki again?
Because she's Hitler and she order Nui to kill her father

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