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I just finished watching Hunter X Hunter 2011 until the latest episode and i gotta say im overwhelmed, never seen such an awesome, magnificient and exciting anime before.

The suspense forced me to watch one episode after another.

So /a/, were you as impressed as me when you watched hxh?
Yes, but I'm getting a little bored of the last few episodes, they're so fucking slow.
I watched a random episode of York Shin, was pretty impressed so I went an read the manga.

Since then it up there as one of my favorite titles to come out of the Shonen Jump, and the staff working on the Madhouse adaptation just keeps improving and improving.
It's easily my AOTY.
Is it really that engaging?
Yeah i was disappointed too, expected more action too. I am dying to see the fight between netero and the king.

And I also wonder what Hisoka is doing, would be cool if he would join the fight too.
Really one of the most underrated animes at the moment, I think the majority of the people get put off by the young main character Gon.
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well, HxH is the best shonen manga after all

and the 2011 adaption does the job right
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HxH does substance over style. It manages to make something humble for its genre like shrugging of an RPG completely terrifying.
When it comes to creating tension I haven't seen anything that does it better than this show.

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