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Is this just fanservice or what
whens ep 2? How are they stretching 8 eps till july? And why is doki so fucking slow?
No, all new content.
They really shouldn't have used "EX" for the name.
>it's out
Holy shit I'm excited. I'm not really sure whether I should wait for the VN to be translated though
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>wait for the VN to be translated

That translation is cursed, man. It's never coming out.
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pls no jinx
It's just the truth. Face it, the project is dead.
When's the last time Doki released a progress update? It's been over a year now with no news.

this is the only thing even close to news. Why do translation teams always have to have bitch fights? One guy does a section, another guy does another. How fucking hard is that?
Eh? What the hell is that shitty thread and how is it even remotely close to news?
wrong link

>The reason you don't see any significant update on the file is because progress has slowed down.
Just like Majikoi and Baldr Sky and every bloody VN translation project that crashed and burned.
That's as far as they could go with the "Ecstacy," I guess.
You could translate 1 line per hour using japanese dictionaries and stuff like google translate, without knowing a word of japanese, and you would still finish before doki.

Or maybe that is what they are doing...
I've heard that Doki uses Chinese fan translations as their sources.
Not sure, though. Could have been someone shitting on Doki as usual.
Man those were some shitty timed subs
Are the subs good or should I wait?

Well, these characters are from Little Busters! Ecstasy, aren't they? Makes sense, really.
The characters were introduced in EX, but the reason for the name "Ecstacy" was the added porn, so it doesn't make sense in the adaptation. Considering those characters are in every new LB release that came after EX, they could've gone with pretty much any name they wanted.
See >>101234701
Translation doesn't seem to be bad, but shitty timing.
As for waiting, is anyone going to even pick this up anytime soon? Or will we have to wait for a full BD release by FFF? (They're still at the beginning of the first season.)
>no one like LB anymore

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