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File: File0533.jpg (778.12 KB, 1000x1470)
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778.12 KB JPG
I like collecting gorgeous anime images like these as a hobby:


If you like what you see, please post your images here so we can share and discuss about them, I'm willing to post more, if there is interest ;)
You posted seven images from the same author. Step your game up, /a/non-kun.

I don't think so, here is one author's works, and I couldn't find any other images from my post there:


Thanks for the image
File: 17399223.jpg (895.26 KB, 1000x951)
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895.26 KB JPG
Some Asuka from that pixiv artist
Come on, what's with all the cute girls? I wanna see gears, molecular weapons, death, violence, destruction, SKULLS!
File: 17434479.jpg (765.45 KB, 781x1104)
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765.45 KB JPG

OP tries his best.

What do you mean gears? Can you be more specific? Can you provide some example you like?
Do you realize you can group your pictures into a single imgur album? I'm not opening all your links, fuck you
I thought that 4chan supports links better.

Yes, I do realize, and sorry, no need to be rude
File: eden etchings in gears.jpg (112.19 KB, 710x1100)
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112.19 KB JPG

Such a rare sight to see gears, too bad I don't have such images.

I think they are very beautiful too. They would make a fine machine of death, I love the idea of machines and corruption in the same thing.

Oh wait, I MIGHT have something, but I need to search for it, I will post here if i find it, I'm bored anyway
Metal Gear Murder: Bludgeoning Mahou Shoujo-Sensou Moe-Moe-Chan

would be a good theme to go with gears?
File: 103gyli.jpg (89.45 KB, 960x404)
89.45 KB
89.45 KB JPG

Damn, couldn't find it... for now!
That image is from animatrix first episode, its very good, you should watch it, I cant get more images of it because I don't have the movie.

I got something something else too:


There was not much gears in metal gear series, and that bludgeon doesen't sound good :P

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