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Why the fuck is amnesia so used as a plot device in anime and mango in general?
I feel like it's kind of a "cheap" way to make an easy mystery honestly. I know it's seen in all media, but I feel like it's way, WAY more present in anime and mango. I'd even say it's totally over-used.
It's used because it's an easy, safe plot device.
Well think about it for a minute:

Students in Japan have a lot of responsibility thrown onto their shoulders from a young age, since they are constantly pressured into becoming workaholic super-geniuses, with failure to comply rewarded with death. So, they probably are so intensely focused on school that they block out anything in their lives unrelated to it. Full hyper-school mode 24/7.

So when you think of it that way, it would be understandable that our tenacious MC would forget such trivialities as promises to the childhood bitch.
Yeah but that doesn't make it less cheap. I feel like i'm wasting my time watching something where the solution has been inside the MC's memory all along, and you just gotta wait for the tiny flashbacks that are purposely vague as shit to add a few twists before the final remembrance. On top of that pretty much all of these amnesia cases seem to have appeared out of thin air, usually something heavy has to cause them.
If you are just gonna rant about swweeet's case, I'd say it's kinda justified really. The MC's obviously mentally fucked from the start, and what happened to him what pretty huge.
It's a way to enter a grown mans life, yet start his story from scratch.
Generally this is opposed to making him young, new or otherwise incompetent.

I'd like to see a manga about a soldier (or other shell shocked character) with amnesia, but maintains both his ability to fight and his swift escalation to violence.
In Sweet's case it was kinda justified seeing as how it was all related to an incredibly traumatic event with a guy's twin brother pretending to be the other one.
I'm more talking about the use of amnesia in mystery related stuff. Where they use the amnesia to create the mystery.

My main complain is that it's hard to keep interest in a mystery when you know most of it's resolution is going to be events triggering flashbacks over and over, first misleading flashbacks, vague on purpose to add twists to the story, and then finally everything will be remembered and conclusion happens.

Sometimes it's well done, but in most cases it feels as it's just used with nothing behind, and the amnesia isn't even justified properly.
I didn't meant sweet specifically, I kinda agree with you on that. I just had no specific examples because they are so many of them.
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forgot my picture

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