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Weekly Shonen Jump General.

There are two brand new battle manga starting in Jump in Feburary.
The first is Illegal Rare by Hiiroshi Shiibashi who made Nurarihyon no Mago. It's basically The X Files but turned into a battle manga.

The second is Stealth Symphony. The art is done by Youichi Amano (Akaboshi) and the story is written by Ryohgo Narita (Durarara and Baccano).

Do you think these series will survive in the cut-throat magazine?
Also, Koi no Cupid ended this week, Hachi is ending next week, and Beelzebub is ending the following week.
It's generally believed that Iron Knight will end several weeks after.
Naruto is also confirmed to end this year.
And it's highly likely that Kuroko no Dragon Basketball Z, AssClass, and Bleach will also end this year.
Also, alongside Illegal Rare and Stealth Symphony two other series are starting as well.
iShoujo which is basically the movie "Her" but as a romcom manga, and Tokyo Wonder Boys which is a shotabait soccer manga.
File: shonenjump.jpg (245.94 KB, 361x550)
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With that said here is the popularity of the currently running Jump series (Not mentioning Hachi, Koi no Cupid, or Beelzebub since they are all ending right away).

>Sells the magazine by itself
One Piece

>Incredibly popular but always on hiatus
Hunter x Hunter

>Very popular
Kuroko no Basuke
Shokugeki no Soma
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

>Medium popularity
World Trigger
Soul Catcher(S)

>On-Life Support
Iron Knight
Eh... I'm pretty bummed that Beelzebub is ending.
Other than the only Jump series I read are Hunter x Hunter (which is on hiatus), Gintama, and One Piece.
Beelzebub was easily the one i enjoyed the most though. One of the funniest gag manga I've ever read.
Iron Knight its the first week in the ranking, i think it deserves more time before a judging, World Trigger started bad too i remember
The thing is, Iron Knight was being placed in the bottom 5 before it even began getting officially ranked. That only happens for series that are MASSIVE bombs like Mutou Black.

World Trigger started off with mediocre rankings before becoming popular, but Iron Knight has just failed right off the bat.
>Mutou Black
I'm still really butthurt this got cancelled.
I usually agree that most of the series that get cancelled in Jump deserve it because they are shit. But Mutou Black was the best series Jump had had in years and did not deserve to get cancelled after only 12 chapters, it had amazing art, fantastic panelwork, and an interesting plot as well. It sucks that Jump readers hated it because of how inspired it was by Kenshin.
Beelebub 237 is out1
Only two chapters left till the end.
It is confirmed only two chapters left? I read somewhere it will have at leas 4 chapters more
Two more chapters.
Koi no Cupid ended this week, Hachi ends next week, then Beelzebub.
It has to be this way based on how the 3 new series are starting.
But there are 4 new series starting, what will be the last one ending
There is still a spot open in Jump because they cancelled several series last time but didn't add one to fill the empty space.
so is beezlebub cancelled or ending naturally
I think there's an empty space in Jump still.
But if not, probably Iron Knight. Jump began placing it in the bottom 5 before it even officially began getting ranked, that doesn't bode well for it at all.
Iron Knight has only 8 chapters by now, i doubt it will end in 4 weeks, also im watching Hachi RAWs and it does seem to end next week.

I just hope they use the empty space first and let Beelzebub a proper ending, not one chapter for fight and another for ending.
File: 1389081835275.jpg (33.02 KB, 291x208)
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33.02 KB JPG
Lots of series get cancelled early. Mutou Black got cancelled in only 12 chapters.
Also, it doesn't matter if Hachi looks like it's going to end. It's always at the bottom of the Jump rankings therefore it's going to. You must be seriously new to Jump manga if you don't know how their cancellations work.
Are you new reading Jump or something?
I know a bit, i saw several new Jump mangas getting canceled, but its hard for me cause i saw promise on Hachi and Iron Knight, and i always been a fan of Beelzebub since day 1 ;_;
Meh, Hachi had terrible panelwork and just wasn't very good.
Iron Knight had promise but it just wasn't executed well, and the art was way too rough for it to actually stay around.

I know how you feel about Beelebub though. I love the fuck out of the series.
File: 1375733227357.jpg (46.18 KB, 1000x1000)
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46.18 KB JPG
welcome to the Jump rape club. I'm still butt hurt about Zoo and Double Arts.

Meanwhile fucking Nisekoi and Naruto are still going strong while being the biggest pieces of shit.

Life isn't fair.
I know Hachi could be a lot better, but i loved the idea of myth monsters fighting each others, a bit of the same with Iron Knight but with demons instead

I also felt bad for the fans of Nura when it got cancelled before it ended naturally, Nura only needed five more chapters to end in a natural way and Jump didnt let that happen
Naruto might end within a few months actually.
Well the mangaka of Nura has a new series starting next week.
not because it's a piece of shit though, but because Kishi is allowed to finish.
I agree it's shit.
But you can't really blame Jump though, they are technically a business and Narushit does sell a lot.
Yeah i know, along with a new manga of the author of Durarara!, i wonder who will be more popular
I'm not blaming jump, I'm blaming the little kids with shit taste.
I'm still mad about Mx0
Yeah, Naruto is a perfect example of a manga that sell very well and is very popular but its a shit manga
File: 1390189391292.png (17.40 KB, 157x153)
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17.40 KB PNG

Same, and the other manga from the author got axed as well. I love his art.
I want Iwashiro to fucking return already.
Keep in mind though. Pretty soon it will be a lot easier for series to find success in Jump as big series like Naruto, Bleach, Kuroko no Basuke, Assassination Classroom, and Beelzebub are all ending this year (or early next year). That will free up a lot of space in the magazine for new hits.
The thing with his works is there are shitload of characters in each series, and I have trouble remember all their fucking names.
File: Stealth Symphony.png (1.05 MB, 824x509)
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1.05 MB PNG
Hell, look at the preview page for Stealth Symphony.
These are all fucking main characters.
All the fucking characters, along with Amano's tendency to seriously crowd panels makes it so have no doubt in my mind that it will be the first one axed out of the four new series.
So Kuroko will actually reach its natural conclusion and not drag on like every successful shonen? I want to believe.
Oh no, Kuroko is going to drag the fuck out of its final arc. But it's going to end naturally rather than being cancelled.
Yep, let see how it goes. This looks like a cosplay party.
File: 1305672016732.png (4.01 KB, 291x248)
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But I like Iron Knight.
It's best to never get attached to new Jump series until they prove themselves in popularity.

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