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Okay /a/ how do you feel about monster I'm thinking of watching it.
Overrated shit.
Very good anime with a rather weak ending. Still worth the ride, anyway.
So watch it and decide for yourself you fucking troglodyte.
Why don't you just google reviews of it? Most will tell you it's very good. And unlike posts on /a/, they're more likely to actually explain why they like or dislike it instead of vague shitposting.

Whatever. I'd say if you have an interest in anime and manga, Monster is something you should check out.
Overrated shit,
Now there's a show that needs some surgery.
gurren laggen, not so good
Darker than Black? More like Br--

Oh wait, it's not that thread?
OP image is different, anon.
Grimmer ;_;
the magnificent steiner will safe us
Overrated shit

I thought it was a bit drawn out, but overall it was great.
Have you ever heard of sarca-....wait, never mind. I feel like I'm getting baited.
What's with all the threads like this today?
Lurk before fucking posting you faggots.
Seriously, OP.

This is a very good anime. It's probably the most faithful anime adaptation of a manga ever. Like, it is practically a shot-for-shot adaptation. The problem is, this means shit moves really slow sometimes, and while the music and animation does add to the story, you will notice the show dragging in a few portions and unlike a manga you can't just read faster.

Also this is just my personal thoughts but I think Naoki Urasawa has no fucking idea how to end a story. At all. So it has his typical shitty ending. But I will say that Monster's ending is probably the least shit of all the endings he's written, so there's that.

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