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My friend and I have started a progressive metal band with a tie in manga/comic, and our first album will be a concept album that goes along with the first part of the series. What does /a/ think of the name, setting, characters and overall plot?


Severity: A harsh, unforgiving desert region that is said to span the entire world, inhabited by many tribal and migratory cultures. Old world; limited technology and very culture based.

Serenity: A utopian city suspended a mile above the desert plains of Severity, a man-made Eden for the royal and wealthy. Futuristic; limitless technology and

Main Characters:

Seren - A girl about 17 years old in age, mid length straight purple hair, bright blue eyes, a little smaller than average height, born and raised on the ground.

Veris - A boy who just turned 18, green hair an inch past his ears, green eyes. the son of a security guard for Serenity.

The people of Severity are migratory and stay underneath Serenity to dig through their refuse and to remain somewhat sheltered. The story will revolve around a substance that one can take that induces psychic powers like telekinesis that is being used for convenience on the utopia of Serenity. Ultimately this drug will be seeded to the people of Severity by Veris and an uprising led by Seren will take down the utopia. We later find out that Serenity is being held aloft through psychokinesis by the "severed"; enslaved people who have taken so much of the drug as to hollow them and turn them insane. They're only being fed more of the substance as they weaken and Serenity grows heavier. The entire reason that Serenity and utopias like it exist is because the desert world of Severity is a dying earth; when Serenity falls the ground beneath it will crumble.

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