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I kinda enjoyed the ride till the apparition of that fucker.
It's like his appearance made Nisioin's narration go from average to full retard. I thought it to be quite fun and enjoyable, but I just can't handle shit writing like that.

"Yo Medaka you're a saint! I'm justice! Justice crushed saints! So I will crush you!" It's really damn frustrating to get a serious plot over reasons that stupid. I know that series isn't meant to be super deep and intelligent and I like silly things storywise, but this is just plain bullshit. I don't really like the idea of having characters in a ~serious~ situation falling for reasons that bad. It blows up the entire meaning of their conflict.

Does it get better ? I really don't want to drop it.
Unzen was the bets Medaka.
Medaka is basically Jojo lite later on.
I didn't watch it though, it may not have done the manga justice.
Watched it just because I wanna get to know the fighters from J-stars Victory vs. when it comes out.

There are major flaws with it, especially the fact that Medaka never fucking ever is close to losing. The very last episode was pretty interesting so it's worth a watch considering it's only 24 episodes.
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>It's like his appearance made Nisioin's narration go from average to full retard.
OP here, thank you guys for the feedback, I'll keep on watching then. Looks like it'll live up to my expectations in the future.
Good god the Medaka Box fanbase is retarded. Cannot understand their own manga/anime for shit.

Public news announcement:
- Medaka Box is not a "deconstruction"
- Medaka Box is not a satire
- Medaka's flaw is not that she's "too perfect"
- The point of the plot is not "Medaka always wins"

Side notes:
- Zenkichi is a whiteknight beta faggot
- Medaka is not a static character
- The value of the series is not in its side characters, but rather in its ideas, which Medaka and the side characters develop by interacting with each other.

The Medaka Box fanbase is for the most part too retarded to coherently communicate or understand its themes. It comes primarily as a result of being part of the demographic which reads from Shounen Jump. In general, do not listen to their shit explanations. Just like Zenkichi's explainations of Medaka in the first anime episode, the fans' delusions about what the series is are a misrepresentation.
People who think Medaka Box is a "deconstruction" are insecure faggots trying to defend their taste. The early arcs of Medaka Box are genuinely shitty--this caused the fanbase to develop an ingrained response trying to protect itself from kneejerk newfag criticisms. The truth is, Medaka Box in fact does get better, but the fanbase has no idea how to explain their own feelings on why. This leads to the tsundere attitudes of people who say "I don't know why I keep reading this" or "It's shit, but I still enjoy it", and also the stunted statements by others like "I read it for the side-characters".

What Medaka Box is about: Medaka Box is an exploration of the concept of the "Main Character" as a universe changing entity. Medaka happens to be the designated main character; however the series does not stop at one "main character" alone. The progression of the series introduces a boatload of variations on the concept of the "MC"; the idea of an MC's influence on the world around them is developed (on a thematic/meta level) through the interactions of these competing "representations" of MCs.
Why Zenkichi is a faggot, and the first chapters/episodes of Medaka Box are a misrepresentation/shit: for 118 chapters of the manga (i.e. beyond the entirety of the material you will see in the anime), Zenkichi does not remotely interact with the ideas of being an MC. Rather, his character operates as one of the principle demonstrations of the "universe changing" influence of the MC. Zenkichi worships Medaka as an avatar of perfection; he vacillitates between his attraction to her and believing that he's unworthy to get any closer. By acting as a narrative character, he instills in the audience an incorrect perception that Medaka is absolute, righteous, or infallible.

Medaka is not an infallible entity, and this is illustrated by the fact that she is a dynamic character. Through her interactions with other "MC" level characters, her personality changes and develops. Only Zenkichi himself, not being on that level, passes on the perception to the audience of being unable to oppose Medaka or change her personality.
What the beginning of Medaka Box amounts to is a tremendous and ill-natured troll. Preying on the shounen demographic's default character-identifications and genre-expectations, Nishio began his Shounen Jump series by setting up a beta "normal" male character whom normal readers would automatically insert themselves into. Following that, Nishio proceeded to develop his main theme constructed around a twist which makes that character's value only that of an accessory. In essence, if you come into Medaka Box (whether manga or anime) with an inclination to give Zenkichi's perspective priority, the series is a trap. You won't be able to understand the larger themes, and you won't be able to accept Medaka as a character. Luckily for the rest of the fanbase, there are plenty of other characters who end up opposing Medaka, and manage to (generally) retain their personality. The presence of these other elements is what allows them to stomache the story despite not fully understanding/enjoying it.
The "structuralism of battle shounen archetypes" is an element of Medaka Box, but rather than being an "attack" or "subversion" of them it is a "application". Medaka's personality can precisely be identified as part of the same trope as other main characters in shounen because at the core they are the same; the thing which distinguishes Medaka Box as a series is that the conflict surrounding its main character is metafictional in nature.

Medaka is not "already perfect" and she does not "always win"--numerous challenges to Medaka's main character legitimacy arise over the course of the series. The distinction is that whereas the challenge in, say, the Namek Arc of Dragonball Z was for Goku to defeat Frieza, the conflict Medaka faced in for example in Minus Arc was justifying the sincerity of her altruism from a position of universe-granted superiority; or more straightforwardly in the Not Equals arc the threat of being displaced by another character.
Medaka Box does indeed explore the structures of shounen manga--however, for it to be an "exploration" of them, it *cannot* be an outright satirization of them. The main intent of the Medaka series is NOT to "make fun of" shounen stereotypes, but examine them and apply them in ways which are/Nishio himself finds uniquely meaningful.

The dumb kiddies who kneejerk respond to the critics by claiming "Nishio is using cliches on purpose so he can make fun of them" are just making Medaka Box look like an completely shallow and worthless exercise. *Anybody* can attempt to "satirize" something in a fictional universe, because they can always conveniently set up the object of criticism to look absurd and ridiculous. Calling Medaka Box a satire or "deconstruction" (as /a/ uses it) deprives the work of its own legitimate value or meaning, which is as a matter of fact false. Aside from barely passing off as a maybe decent shounen amongst the general Jump demographic, Medaka Box in fact *does* have an amount of genuine literary legitimacy and value. People who downplay or discredit either the objective value or their own enjoyment of the manga are burying this fanbase under a pile of shit.
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I-I miss keeping up on the manga with you guys. I even miss the guy who ripped himself a new anus over Iihiko's introduction.
>Medaka Box Minus never

Why'd they have to animate the first two arcs so faithfully?
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