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Where did it all go so wrong? Could this have been fixed or averted somehow? It seemed to me to have a decent setup to start with, but ended on a sour note. Obviously things were not going well in the japanese reader's minds for quite some time before the decision to axe it came down, so what was the critical point where things started taking a turn for the worse?
it was good other than 1 point
>i could be you 10 years from now but somehow the you now is just as strong as the other you
Isn't that because they were essentially time travelling?
Japs have shit taste. Both this and Boukou Rensin were pretty much the epitome of good powerup fightan manga and somehow the japs are unsatisified

if you don't have a fanservice page every 3 or 4 pages then you'd better be writing the equivalent of war and peace
no the main enemy lived out those 10 years, why would the future him not be stronger than the current guy?

Welp, this bring back memories, I remember reading this series in One Manga back when it still was online, good times.
>Where did it all go so wrong?

when it was at the bottom of the ratings for weeks and the cancelation was near, of course to avoid cancelation, they tried some old "good" ideas who always works for other jump mangas and yeah, this is the point were it did go wrong and the ideas didn´t help to avoid the cancelation either.
>One Manga
shit I remember that day that ES21 ended and they had a goodbye piece to it. sad times.
do you have the sales data anywhere? around what chapter did the ratings start to plummet, and when did it hit rock bottom and never recover?
>ice queen main heroine

it was more about the WSJ-rankings.
okay fine, same questions but replace sales data with WSJ-rankings?

I don´t have them in one graphic but you can see in some old forums were the rankings have been postet frequently since years.
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I've read it two times already. I really liked the fights and the ESP abilities.

Fuu-chan a best girl
First time the mangaka messed things was when he dropped the mystery angle. Early stuff had great atmosphere, since no one exactly knew what was going on. He could have stretched that part. The bigger mistake was, that he abandoned the "fix the future by changing select events in the past" mechanics and went for standard "you have to beat the 10 generals of doom" plot. He could have had tons of fun with the Back To The Future style hijinks and made things both thrilling and interesting. Instead he went for shitty "oh no, this timeline is fucked" drama. Also, apart from the main couple, there's been a whole bunch of side characters that were plain boring, like the buff dude and his abandoned childhood bro. Couldn't give a fuck for him if my life depended on it.

The author has plenty of good ideas, but somehow lacks the creative spark to keep things interesting in the long run, it seems. At some various key moments, he always seemed to opt for generic, instead of upping the ante. Real shame, as I loved the main couple, both mc and femc.
Honestly I think it went wrong when he got his cancelation notice during the final to the future arc.

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