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Have you ever been offended by an anime?
No, I'm not a child.
Yes. Fanservice and anything that degrades women offends my poor little oppressed soul.

My favorite anime is Free btw
Yes, I was offended by how bad Yuru Yuri was.
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I expected a bit more, though I appreciate it. I got so bored with the first 3 eps I ended up watching yuyushiki and had a ball.
I can't think of a single time I've ever felt offended by something I've read/watched.

I guess I should check my privilege or something.
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Yes, because my waifu was being sexualized too much. She's pure maiden, not a fap object.
Why is everybody white? We need more black characters.

Fucking racists ass chinamen.
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I'm proud to say I've never been offended by anything. I should get a medal or something
too obvious.
>I think people who get offended should be offended
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Yes I am very offended by the way womyn are portrayed in anime and post about it on my tumblr almost daily to make people aware of it
You are now aware that someone somewhere is fapping to your waifu. and enjoying it.
File: 1327765909808.jpg (148.53 KB, 553x576)
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I am very offended by the lack of POC representation in anime. People who claim that cultural appropriation doesn't exist are shitlords of the highest degree, just look at all the fucking cishet white characters in anime? Where's the representation of PoC?

Not to mention that all anime is misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic and fetishizes gay culture. Plus the most popular show of 2014 is soaked in rape culture (i'm looking at you Kill la Kill)
seconded, cheers from the UK
>too obvious
it wasnt even trolling, it was sarcasm, you fucking autist
yeah, as a russian I feel kinda offended that nips still side with nazi scum that wanted to kill/enslave our people and portray us as evil and germans as honorable and poetic. I wish they would all travel to cologne some day and get their asses raped by the hordes of turks and lower class germans.
Ever watch Eiken? I was kind of offended that it was targeted towards our demographic.
So, it was trolling
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Hetalia Axis Powers
Offended my history knowledge.

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