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So the Nasuverse already has stand-alone series and multiple continuinties, and even a few non-standard crossovers. You know what it needs now? An all-star super crossover team, like in them capecomics. Hell, it's already got character types to match the Avengers:
>Shirou: The idealist who wanted to save people, who went from no-name kid to genuine hero. Uses a shield and his signature weapon returns when thrown
>Saber: legendary figure from an era of heroes, with an equally iconic classical weapon of immense power. Strong, courageous and righteous, but has difficulty adapting to the modern world.
>Aoko: prodigy and a subject of fame and envy throughout the world of her field, does what she damn well pleases whenever. Also beam-spam.
>Arc: Ordinarily rational character and also an expert in her field, but an unstoppable berserk force when angered. Unparalleled strength that can be increased exponentially.
And Ryougi/Tohno could sort of have the Black Widow/Hawkeye dynamic. Or Ciel (due to all-round capable agent) and Archer (due to actually using a bow)

That aside, what do you think of a super star team-up? Could it work, and would it be good?
Carnival Phantasm.
Crossovers are shit and you should feel bad for liking it.
>Implying CP was shit
>Could it work
>would it be good?
No. Void Shiki and Arcueid together are just too powerful, no one can defeat them. Where's the point.
Not him but OP obviously meant for a action/story-themed production. Not comedy.
>Uses a shield
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>No. Void Shiki and Arcueid together are just too powerful, no one can defeat them. Where's the point.
They have their limitations though, plus it'd be easy to contrive a reason for the Void not showing up and Arc being stuck at 30% or less. And it'd obviously be a major incident that requires the efforts of all involved to resolve, like the Aylesbury Ritual, the A-Ray War, the Aristotles invading prematurely, etc.
Also featuring Zelretch as Nick Fury.

Why not?
Why not swords?
He does use swords. The parallel in this case was with Captain America, who uses a shield.

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