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File: nyaruko.jpg (89.82 KB, 790x465)
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89.82 KB JPG
Why is it that so few artists can draw feet well? Post the best you've seen.

Pic rated, they're godly.
File: 1353901927974.jpg (261.90 KB, 913x1280)
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261.90 KB JPG
I'd like to see you try.
I never claimed to be an artist though.
because they have a lot of bones and joints and are harder to draw than any other body part
File: Feet.jpg (285.59 KB, 689x1500)
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285.59 KB JPG
Here you go
File: 41249664.jpg (443.90 KB, 724x1024)
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443.90 KB JPG
Now that's some QUALITY feet there, even among all three of them.

But doesn't art school usually cover drawing the human anatomy?
you don't go to art school to be a slave-drawer for chinese cartoons. you just learn how to trace on the job and you proceed to work for 80 hours a week
I like the area triangulated by the ankle, the bridge and the area just to the outside, right behind the pinky toe, so these are nice.
I think what >>101213241 is trying to say someone there has to come up with the design for the characters. There has to be a lead artist or something.
I remember hearing that most up-and-coming animators focus on drawing the more interesting parts of the body (faces, breasts, etc.) and complicated things that aren't as titillating like feet get left by the wayside. Also there are established shortcuts for drawing faces and stuff, but there's not much for feet and hands.
>implying feet aren't the most titillating body part ever and that boobs aren't plebshit
File: 2.png (737.20 KB, 1024x768)
737.20 KB
737.20 KB PNG
>not enough pictures in this thread
You're disappointing me, /a/.
Tarantino, get off /a/ and make more films.

With less foot fetishism, ya kook.
i'd post some but i dont have any :/

i only have 3d feet pics
I bet they're men's feet too, you fucking faggot.
Basic technical skills are kinda falling by the way side these days, I dunno how things go in Japanese HS or Uni, but it's highschool when you should get a basic grounding in anatomy and technique and there's fucking nothing, a life drawing class if you're lucky.

People are too obsessed with their own personal style to actually have a solid base of skill to work from, so they just end up copies of styles and inspirations.

Kricfalusi has some really interesting things to say on the subject, even if he's a shit stirrer. I read his blogs and I realised I didn't know Jack shit about all that above technique; here I am now teaching myself.

Specifically on topic, and within what I said, the artist that I've noticed a lot of appreciation for anatomy is the Doujin artist Toumasu, he does good everything, including feet. See his MG, frog girl series for an example. I think, I could be wrong, it's been a little while since I perused them.
File: 1390585066555.jpg (565.75 KB, 1280x720)
565.75 KB
565.75 KB JPG
Definitively there is a lack of well drawn 2D feet, most of them either look like claws or just plainly horrible

On the other hand,there are some(very few) that are really good, like OP's pic, TLRD's feet or some feet by Shaft

unfortunately I am not in my pc to post some atm
File: 1390402511968.jpg (220.89 KB, 1280x720)
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220.89 KB JPG
Hear hear.
>Kirino's feet
Mein neger. Although they only look decent after that first shot.

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