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As far as kids shows were concerned, did Impmon have some of the greatest character development?
The show was kind of morbid, wasn't it?
As far as Digimon standards went, it certainly was the best season out of all of them. It started off shaky but the last half was very well done.
Tamer's was so good.

I'd watch a sequel.
>That hospital scene
That would scare the fuck out of any kid.
Writer was a huge lovecraft fan.
This season was a lot like Madoka Magica in its twisted premise. Dunno I got the vibes from that when I watched Tamers.
Reminder that Tamers was written by Chiaki J. Konaka, who also wrote Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze, and The Big O.
As a Digimon season it stood head and shoulders above the rest. On its own it was held back by the universe lore that it was trapped in.

If it revolved around something that wasn't called Digimon, I reckon it would be something amazing.
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He's one of the best developed character in all of animation
Actually it did well because it was Digimon.

The entire concept centers around kids developing as character and bonding with their partners and they get rewarded with evolutions.

The only bad thing about Tamers can be counted on one hand

>That camping trip episode
>That Jijimon/Babamon episode

The kids never see their monsters again
Didnt they find another portal to the digiworld at the end of the last episode, or am I remembering wrong?
It's open ended, but we'll never know, and anything after that is non canon.
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I dunno man
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Konaka wrote an audio drama set after the events in Tamers, Runaway Locomon isn't canon.


This is Ruki. It’s Ruki. [1]
Renamon… you’re horrible.
I know it’s not your fault. But you really… you really are horrible. You suddenly turned smaller and went back home… and you said convenient things like, “We’ll see each other again” and—
…Sorry. I know I’m the one who’s saying horrible things. I know. Ever since then… I’ve been feeling like a shell. Every day, it feels like time is going by really slowly. I was simply being single-minded back then, but the time I spent with you strung me up somehow. I don’t know which is better for me now.
Those fights, when my life was put into danger numerous times… To be honest, I don’t feel like I want to do them again. But… then… what should I do? I don’t even feel like playing card fights anymore.
Lately, I’ve been getting along pretty well with Grandma… and Mom… It’s still kinda strange though. It’s not that I don’t like it… I think… But you know, I don’t feel like I’ve just lost my partner Digimon.
The first half only served to establish and develop the characters and did that beautifully

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