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It's happening
another nami doujin?
thats not Nami I think its Rebecca
Anon the joke is that Rebecca looks just like Nami.
There's literally a pic going around apforums that shows all the girls that Oda drew and you have to figure out which girl is which: hard mode: you have to guess with only their eyes.
>Ok, That's definitely Perona
>This one is Robin
>I guess that's Hancock
>... shit the rest look like Nami

actually, there are more females with specific features in OP, but you should get what I mean
Just so you know, I really don't mind if you post that image. It's not like I'm asking it of you, but if you feel like finding it and posting it here, I may even take a look by accident. I'm not curious about it at all, don't get any funny ideas, ok?
File: IMG_3183.png (281.38 KB, 944x531)
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281.38 KB PNG
Picture quality might not be good since i'm on my phone now but you can always just google 'apforums nami same face' and it's the first link.
I just realized I can't even name 27 female One Piece characters
best part is, now do it with famous reallife actresses, and you will be even more lost than before.

Wait are people actually lost? At a glance i can already see most of them.
Why is each boob bigger than her head?
>Makino, Alvida, Nami, Kaya, Nojiko, Tashigi, Vivi, Robin, Hina, Conis, Porche, Kalifa, Cindry, Perona, Keimi, Shakky, Bonney, Marguerite, Hancock, Ivankov, Shyarly, Shirahoshi, Otohime, Monet, Baby 5, Violet, Cavendish, Rebecca.

>Now ask yourself which one is Rebecca and Which one is Nami.

but there are many that look very similar
I got the answers
1. Alvida
2. Bonney
3. Shyarly
4. Monet
5. Robin
6. Hancock
7. Baby 5
8. Rebecca
9. Hina
10. Nami
11. Tashigi
12. Violet
13. Perona...no shit
14. Vivi
15. Shakky
16. Cindry
17. Kalifa
18. Makino
19. Nojiko
20. Cavendish
21. Ivankov
22. Marguerite
23. Keimi
24. Shirahoshi
25. Conis
26. Otohime
27. Kaya
28. Porche

kinda disappointed with how short it is
Is it true that there is a baby 5 one?
5 pages, different artist, or are you talking about other work?
So there is one.
can't you check sadpanda yourself? The answer is Yes
Sad panda is coca cola light tier in sources.
You mean, you can't go to sadpanda and type "one piece"? Sounds like you're full of shit
I don't use panda. It is the equivalent of being raped and then asking for a bigger cock
So you can't even access the website, huh?
oh god this is blowing my mind right now
I know how to but choose otherwise, I ain't taking their terms. I am a free spirit and I found the doujin regardless.
I don't know what terms you're talking about.
Sadpanda is easier than looking at titles on torent sita and has much more titles than shitty site like fakku and doujin-moe.
Sadpanda's more organized than thedoujin too. Better organized tags, and years old archive

I can't think of why anyone wouldn't want to use it
>I ain't taking their terms. I am a free spirit
I have no idea what you're going on about.
Don't mind me.

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