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I found a critical flaw on Britannian medical system /a/;
Here's the deal:
First we have Mao, a shitty bastard who was raped by cops' bullets and then on the other episode he appeared miraculously cured claiming that the britannian medical system was amazing;

Now we have Euphemia Vi Britannia, the Britannian princess who was shot 1 FUCKING TIME and died;

My conclusion is that Mao's comeback was too forced it even became surreal that a commoner was treated better than a princess.

ITT: We disscuss about it
In Mao's case even Lelouch said "I should've said shot to kill" or something along those lines.

He was under a seige of bullets but they all could've missed vital organs

For Euphie it was one shot to the chest (which she should've died instantly from but decided to prolong her death for Suzaku time)
It's been eight years now. Everyone knows how bad Code Geass was.
I find it quite hard that all those bullets didn't hit any vital organs, there were so many of them it was almost impossible, but meh.
I think it was pretty good, but this part annoyed the hell out of me
It's not a flaw, it's rather consistent with every other death onscreen.
The more bullets shot at any character, the bigger chance that character will live.
Great, it makes much more sense now.

One Bullet Can Kill, but Sometimes 20 Don’t, Survivors Show

Published: April 3, 2008

A man in North Carolina was shot roughly 20 times in 1995 and lived to tell about it. The rapper 50 Cent was shot nine times in 2000 and has since released three albums. And in 2006, Joseph Guzman survived 19 gunshot wounds during the 50-shot fusillade by police detectives that killed Sean Bell.


You can't really blame Code Geass for stuff that can happen even in reality.

In 1995, the man in North Carolina, Kenny Vaughan, did not have a car to protect him when he was shot about 20 times in Rougemont.

Two doctors who operated on Mr. Vaughan said his survival was unlike anything they had ever seen. Bullets barely missed several vital organs. Two were less than an inch from his heart.

“How you can get that many bullets in the chest, the groin, the abdomen and extremities and not have a lethal injury is pretty remarkable,” said Dr. Phillip Shadduck, the general surgeon at Durham Regional Hospital who operated on Mr. Vaughan. “He was very fortunate.”

Shots to roughly 80 percent of targets on the body would not be fatal blows, Dr. Fackler said. Still, he added, it is like roulette.

Anybody who survives being shot, he said, “is lucky to be alive.”
Okouchi is a hack. We already knew this.
It wasn't 20 bullets, it was literally hundreds of them, really hard to believe he didn't die. You can't deny it was forced as fuck

Okouchi didn't invent the fact that sometimes bullet damage can be extremely arbitrary, not only in a ton of fiction but also in real life. Apparently in your dream world that's never ever happened before this show was invented.
>“How you can get that many bullets in the chest, the groin, the abdomen
>the groin

man i'd rather have someone shoot at my heart than my dick and balls
>It wasn't 20 bullets, it was literally hundreds of them, really hard to believe he didn't die. You can't deny it was forced as fuck

I can, since most of the bullets didn't even hit him at all if you watch the scene again. Lots of them hit the area around Mao for dramatic effect, I guess.

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