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What would happen if Kyubey contracted with a 15 year old Dawkins-reading atheist who doesn't believe in 'souls' and she found out about the true nature of 'Soul Gems'?
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Then Mami would be sad.
There would be less angst and useless drama in the end.
Akemi Homura.
then she would eventually get killed by a witch, probably
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at least post a pic of Kyubey, Frodo. he's way pettier than you, i know.
>hey, qb, why don't you give me a contract on paper, with no hidden clauses?
>if you hide anything, the penalty clause calls for bilateral cancellation of the contract

Madoka ends up being about how selfish and horrible Mami is.
Marisa Jintama.
Age 17
Top-grade student at her school. Doesn't like studying high school subjects so she spends more time reading legal journals. Her dad is a corporate lawyer. Dreams of enter into the Law Faculty at Todai and upon graduation wants to work at her father's firm.

Something like that.
If she also adheres to scientific principles like Dawkins she'll accept the actual proof for the existence of souls that Kyubey can provide in some way (like that Soul Gem thing).
Also, still no proof for any kind of deity. Even in World 2.0 she wouldn't know of Madoka.
QB would avoid her.
This. Kyubey picks and chooses who he offers a contract to based on who he believes is the best source of energy. If she's a lousy source of energy and could possibly back out of a contract, QB will simply not offer a contract.
>implying QB doesn't dumb down his explaination for the megucas
>implying soulgems don't simply contain the conciousness of the megucas
>implying soulgems don't simply contain the conciousness of the megucas
i.e. their souls

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