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Motherfucking thank you for watching.
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Chilling like a villain.
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From what I could gather, it appears that Kenny is fully intentioned to cover the whole manga so far, which according to uncredited voices would roughly translate in another live action season or two.
Still, even if it was true, wouldn't it be a bit too early to show it? There're still two episodes left before the season could be technically deemed finished.
Oh god Yue- wait, that thing has breasts? GTFO
What do you mean "cover the manga"? They've been diverging pretty greatly. There's really not that much in common between the manga and the live action.

One thing I'm hoping for is Chao's super suit from the manga. Man, I hope she wears that in the show.
You know who's cute? Chisame. She fits the bill quite well (despite Chisame in the manga saying stuff like, "Need to Photoshock the acne...").
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I'm willing to bet she's flat as a board.
To further the case, the breastline of her Baka Black suit is molded onto the chestplate.
She's a little on the chubby side, though. Look at her legs. Manga Yue is a petit little mass of hair.
Yeah, I was confused by that. Does this mean this season is over and they're going to show another one? Or maybe they're just going to continue for another 4 episodes?

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